Beverage alert du jour

I've Written a Future Best-Selling Book

I swear this is the last one I'm posting but this is too good to pass up.

(yea, MO, you're getting the bill for the keyboard...AND the lost gin)


Anonymous said...

Which part is plagerism and which part is fake autobiography?
Don't give up on the beverage alerts - they've got those cool silicone keyboard covers now. Keeps out the spewed muffin crumbs, too.

Mike Vecchio said...

Truth is always stranger than fiction!

d said...

oh boy...
inhaled instead of spit--followed by much back slapping and arms yanked up over my head by my "rescuers" (but it was all worth it)

I wish they (the Dilbert peeps) sold a coffee mug--I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

The comic gave me an idea for a story too!