The Dreaded Form Email from Miss Snark

It's that time again--the incoming mail box hit more than 300 unanswered emails since May and it's time to clear out.

About 290 of you got form emails that said:

this is the dreaded form email.
I’m clearing out Miss Snark’s email.

The question you sent is getting deleted. Given how long it’s been sitting here you probably forgot you even sent it!

I trip the trigger when more than 200 emails are unanswered.

Most of the time when questions go unanswered they are either too long, too detailed, too personal or I think they’ve already been covered.

Feel free to resend if it wasn’t already answered!


If you want to resend, have at it. I gotta tell you that mostly the questions that I do promptly are SHORT. If I have to wade through a lot of verbiage, I set it aside. I might get back to it...or not.

And remember the Snarkives. Thanks to Miss Adventure (sainthood pending) most of the posts are sorted categorized and easily searched.


Anonymous said...

I got not one, but two "dreaded" e-mails! Definitely not as painful as a rejection!

I'd forgotten about one of my questions (obviously not important). The other one, I got an answer already, the hard way. Ouch!

So sorry for contributing to your clutter, Miss Snark.

c. parsons said...

Miss Snark, you are a class act. No, you didn't answer my question, but you told me to stop expecting an answer, and why, without making me feel bad about it. Thank you!

Chumplet said...

When I saw "Miss Snark" in my inbox, and in my "Wrting" inbox, I shouted "Wow!"
Then I read them and muttered, "Crap..."
I was momentarily transported from reality into another glorious realm. I'm back now.

Mags said...

I got one, but my conundrum had sorted itself out very nicely in the meantime.

I just asked myself, "What Would Miss Snark Do?" and did it.

Love, gin, and cookies to MS and KY!