Evil Editor has a permanent Beverage Alert

I'm not sure what I like best about the Evil Editor: his comments, his asides, his advice or his handsome face. I laugh pretty hard at all four...oh wait... I mean three. Here's the latest aside that made me glad the coffee was safely in the pot, not near my nose and headed for the keyboard.

[Are you the animal detective?
Yes, what can I do for you?
My chicken's been murdered.
I'll take the case. Suspect anyone in particular?
Yes, the goat.
Which goat?
The goat in whose mouth I found my chicken.
What does the goat have to say?
Says the chicken was already dead.
And what do you say?
I . . . loved that chicken. I say give the goat the chair.
The chair? But he's just a kid!]


JerseyGirl said...

Oh, my, EE's outdone himself this time.

I was disappointed there weren't any zombies, though. ;-)

Rock on, Miss S!


Yoyogod said...

3. Blind 14-year-old jockey Harry Palms pits his knobby-kneed thoroughbred "Choke That Chicken" against favored competitors "Spank That Monkey," "Slap My Hamster," "Rub the Armadillo," "Flog the Dolphin," and "Pet That Weasel" in a race to see which one will come first.

Thanks for the beverage alert, I definately needed it.

Kate Thornton said...

Evil Editor is not only a hoot, but dispenses wisdom with wit. Must read for anyone considering a query.

Elektra said...

What does Bill E. have to say about all this?

Bille E. Goat said...

I'm innocent! I'm a vegitarian!

Feisty said...

Evil Editor is very cute. The fact that he's willing to take on some of the dreck that lands on his desk gives him the status of a saint, I think.

Brenda Bradshaw said...

And his t-shirts are fabulous!

magz said...

And as the condemned goat was being led into the chamber, some yahoo hollared "So, Goat! How'd dat boid taste, anyways?"

History recorded his last words as
"Not baaaaad"

Thank you Miss Snark! (Yes, that was mine LOL)

word verf: iflexu. Magz: gesundheit

Sherry said...

I sent that chicken joke to my brother, who works in a prison selling (legal) things to the prisoners through a barred window. He said he almost snorted his 7up.

Chumplet said...

Sooo.... you know what he looks like, huh? I'm soooo jealous.

I'm still considering sticking a shark under the zamboni like he suggested. But that would mean a complete rewrite and I'm getting old.

Lazy Snarkling said...

Miss Snark,

Could you please put a permanent link to Evil Editor on your blog?

I think most of his evil minions are Snarklings too, and what could be easier for us than just clicking across to his blog after reading yours each day?

Anonymous said...

Yes, beverage alert, yes.

Whenever I read evil editor, I laugh like a crazy hyena, snorting up any beverage that happens to be in my mouth at the time. And, since I can only access the internet in a public place, everyone sitting around me looks at me like I'm off my rocker.

pacatrue said...

I'm getting more and more suspicious though. Here we have a link to EE; over at EE we have a George Clooney as god joke. Hmm...

Of course there is no way that one person would have time to be both snarky and evil while being either an actual agent or editor, yet it is interesting to ponder the EE in heels with a glass of gin.

Anonymous said...

This is funny?

Chumplet said...

Get a keyboard guard or stop drinking at the computer! Oops, did I say that out loud?

I think I have a wee crush on EE. Don't tell him.