Getting to Know You---everyone sing!

Hello Miss Snark!

You say that one has to know their agent to send them their work. Well, how do you 'get to know' agents?

Yes from a just-finished-my-first-book-now -what-do-I-do-with-all-this-paper? 'writier',

By "get to know" I don't mean socially. I mean read their website, see what they've sold, try to get a sense of what they are looking for. The flip side of that is that you want to make sure you're querying someone who IS an agent, therefore you want to make sure there are sales listed on the website or Publishers Marketplace OR if the agent is new that they know what they are doing (ie have some sort of background in publishing).

There are lots of places to find out more about this. Just about any "how to query" list will get you started.


Nessie said...


FYI for everyone else with the same question on their mind - I found some great samples of letters at Robert Sawyers website www.scifiwriter.com .

Thanks Again MS. The paper wont have to be recycled after all :)

mata said...

That link should be www.sfwriter.com not scifiwriter.com. Scifiwriter.com is the site for someone named David Orion who seems to be selling land, computer services and one sf book.