A Good Kick to the (Crystal) Balls

Dear Miss Snark,

Having just completed my third romance, I packed it off to an agent who requested the full. That's the good news.

Trouble is, there is no new romance in the offing. My muse is dragging me in another direction...mystery.

So, now I can no longer market myself as a talented up-and-coming romance writer, since I believe agents and publishers prefer their newbies to have long haul potential. Is there any chance I can still seek an agent or publisher for my romances, or am I basically back to square one in my writing career?

Don't worry about a book you haven't written, an agent you haven't got and a publisher you don't have. You keep gnashing your teeth over things you can't control and you'll need Killer Yapp to soften your t-bone for you (and he's not keen on actually giving it back).

Just keep writing and improving. We'll deal with the rest when the time comes.


Anonymous said...

But that raises the question: is it a good thing or a bad thing to write in more than one genre? Yes, we all know that there are agents who handle only romance, or only mystery--but should we keep mum about the other half of our split personality when we query them? If an agent likes whichever you submit, do you then gently introduce the existence of the other genre, or do you have to bury it forever?

Existential Man said...
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