Liner Notes

Dear Miss Snark,

I know you and your kind (agents, that is) put a lot of stock in seeing a writer's work in certain literary magazines. But what about liner notes? I'm not talking about a 50 word blurb on the back of the latest album by the Strokes or Napalm Death. I'm saying a 7500 word essay accompanying a four CD boxed set of definite historical importance.

Is this the kind of credit that's likely to have agents trampling each other on the way to the payphone to ask A) if I'd like to turn it into a book or B) if I have a novel.

Probably not since liner notes (mostly) aren't fiction. Good liner notes however can get you some attention particularly if they get nominated for a Grammy, or an ASCAP or BMI award.

For good fiction writing you have to work in the accounting department at a record label.


Anonymous said...

Fictional accounting ... *snort*


Brady Westwater said...

Only one admiring comment on that bon bon mot? Shame on you Snarklings!