National Book Festival

This year's National Book Festival, sponsored by the Library of Congress, is slated for September 30. The free event, which will be hosted by First Lady Laura Bush and held on the National Mall in Washington, DC, is intended as a celebration of reading.

Now in its sixth year, the Festival will offer the public a chance to hear over 70 authors, illustrators and poets—from a wide array of genres including children's, YA, history, thrillers and general fiction—discussing their craft. Among the participating authors are: Khaled Hosseini, Pulitzer Prize winner Geraldine Brooks, Joan Didion, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Taylor Branch and Kai Bird. For more information about the festival, including a more complete list of authors attending and planned events, click here

(this wasn't just ripped from the headlines of PW, it was lifted wholesale)


Anonymous said...

MS, thank you for posting this National Book Fest notice! I've attended in the past and it's really a wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. It's right on the mall, smack dab in the middle of all the wonderful Smithsonian museums--so if the summer heat is atrocious, they offer A/C for free. There's a full slate of children's activities, book signings, author readings, and panel discussions in all genres, even food and wine! It's open to the public and easy to get to.

And let's not forget what you said after your trip to DC for BEA (my new catch phrase): "DC is the city of northern hospitality and southern efficiency" :) Who can resist that marketing gem?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! I'm curious (and just a little annoyed). Why is there no romance represented?

Lauren said...

This sounds like fun--actually, any book festival sounds like fun to me--but, Miss Snark, why not put the L.A. Times Festival of Books on your calendar for next year? It's HUGE beyond huge, and I'd be pleased to be your escort if you'll just carry a book bag (or two) (or three) for me. In return, I'll wear a blindfold so I don't see you. Please, just remove it at each booth so I can shop.

Seriously, I hope you and all the Snarklings who are able to attend enjoy yourselves. It is really something to see so many people so excited about books and reading, isn't it?

Yoyogod said...

I'm slightly befuddled by their author's list. I noticed one category's is "Fiction & Fantasy." I can't help but assume they think fantasy isn't fiction (and apparently neither are mysteries & thrillers since they have their own section). I also can't help but wonder how they define fantasy, since there aren't any actual fantasy writers on the list as far as I can see. The closest is Spider Robinson, but he's really more of a science fiction writer.

Anonymous said...

the Festival will offer the public a chance to hear over 70 authors, illustrators and poets

In light of Mrs. Bush's attempt a few years ago to have a 'day of poetry' at the White House, one has to wonder if the seventy were asked to sign a blood oath guranteeing Mrs. Bush that they will not protest the War in Iraq, the selling of public lands to private developers, or push for gay marriage.

In any event, things like this are wonderful to partake in.

Anonymous said...

I went to that a couple years ago! I saw Connie Willis speak, which was utterly cool. Neil Gaiman was also there when I went, but I didn't know of his Awsomeness at the time, which was sad. :( All the authors there give speeches about what they have written, which is very interesting, even if you've never read their books before. And you get authors autographs as well!!!

It was a great experiance, and I would recommend everyone within driving distance to go there!

Brady Westwater said...

I agree with fellow Angelino, Lauren. I need physical theraphy for my right shoulder for a full week after plundering the LA Book Festival - and then hitting the remainder section of the UCLA Book Store.

Kate Thornton said...

Another hurrah for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books - I go every year and love it - what could be more fun than book signings at the Los Angeles Chapter of Sisters in Crime?

If you are on the West Coast, check out the LATFoB. East Coasters (and travelers) the National Book Festival sounds yummy, too!

Georgiana said...

You can access the readings and talks given in previous years if you look around on the LOC website. Frederik Pohl's Q and A from 2004 was particularly wonderful.

Anon who asked why romance wasn't represented might want to find Catherine Asaro's talk from the same year, she had some very interesting things to say about writing romance in what has been called a man's field. Last year Diana Gabaldon was there so romance has been well represented. I think it's nice that it's not shoved off into a genre ghetto for once.

Sal said...

A list of Webcasts from prior National Book Festivals.

303 results!

Talks are ~ 30 minutes. You're all set for 150 hours worth of entertainment.