New Bat Segundo Show: Colson Whitehead

The latest installment of The Bat Segundo Show, a literary podcast featuring interviews with today's contemporary writers, is now up.

Show #48 runs 46 minutes and 40 seconds and features novelist Colson Whitehead. Bat Segundo has returned to hosting duties, but this week, he faces the obstacle of three cheap tenors. Unrelated to any of this, a substantial chunk of our crew has a chronic case of the hiccups. They could not even be scared into clarity. The considerable postproduction work in editing out our crew's respiratory reflexes caused this week's delay. We apologize for this and we have installed an Alhambra drinking water machine at the studio's south wall.

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Here are the details for the latest show.

Author: Colson Whitehead

Condition of Mr. Segundo: Dismayed by advertising jingle trios and interruptions; more than vaguely litigious.

Subjects Discussed: Living in San Francisco, working at CNET, writing on the clock, the importance of names, Theodore Judah, microhistories, the influence of 9/11 upon Apex, metaphors, toes, writing about work, James Wood, didacticism, masculinity, the influence of pop culture, Generation X novels, Sven Birkets, whether the reader or the author has the obligation to make connections, the value of reviews, self-criticism, avoiding cliches, Altamont, compulsive writing, research, translating cultural experience into fiction, comic books, and brokering a detente with Richard Ford.

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Thanks again for listening,

The Bat Segundo Crew


Desperate Writer said...

This is SO cool. I am in LOVE with my iPod Shuffle...and now I have one more reason...


nice anonymous said...

That will be worth it, just to hear Colson Whitehead. I heard him read at Sarah Lawrence one night from this wonderful book, whose title I don't recall -- it was basically a detailed portrait of Manhattan. It was like one long prose poem. A real tour de force. Then he signed my copy of "John Henry Days" for me. I haven't read "The Intuitionist," but clearly it's a Snarkian favorite.