Someone get that man a Beverage Alert stamp!

This novel is the first of a series, and is followed by “Prophet” and “Patriarch.” In the second book, he struggles to reform the society he has fallen into; in the third book, he battles the gods.

Evil Editor's comment:
[In this corner, weighing in at 158 pounds, the favorite, a mechanical engineer, MacGyver. And in this corner, Thor, Neptune, Zeus, and George Clooney.]

and after the Beverage alert rubber stamp, a reminder that contrary to the hopes of lesser mortals, Mr. Clooney is NOT mythical.


Robin L. said...

My first thought when I read that on evil editor was "Oh, an homage to Miss Snark!"

I'm glad you saw it. :)

Anonymous said...

Too late.

I spritzed at the mention of MacGyver.

(Hmm. Mac fighting Thor? No way--they're best buddies on Stargate SG-1.)

Anonymous said...

Perhaps just legendary?

Anonymous said...

(Hmm. Mac fighting Thor? No way--they're best buddies on Stargate SG-1.) You've got Mac mixed up with Richard Dean Anderson ;) Regardless, I doubt MacGyver would fight Thor. Unless Thor gets as kill-happy as Murdoc.

Anonymous said...

Any chance EE and Miss Snark might hook up? Your kids would be a riot.

As for that beverage alert business, I drink my gin before I read Miss Snark. Safer that way.

Feisty said...

Is George a patriarch?

magz said...

Ever get the feeling that perhaps we're all just puppets at the commands of some mythical and omnipotent sorta puppetmasters, and that all is pre-ordained?

Naw, me neither.

You Rock. EE Rocks. Me, I'm on a roll!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I still think Snark and Evil are destined for a whirlwind romance, and then they'll collaborate and write a novel. At least I hope so anyway!

Anonymous said...

He's very real. I saw him as I was walking out of a medical building. He looked very small, grey, gorgeous and was with a very pretty woman dressed in a flouncy skirt.

Anonymous said...

When I read that on EE's blog, I totally thought about Miss Snark and wondered if she'd talk about it on her blog, and she did! I loved the way he kept calling the main character MacGyver. It's like, once the editor or agent changes your main character's name to some tv character's name, it's all over for you.

The Metal Maiden said...

Not mythical, by any means. But definitely a god.

none said...

On an entirely unrelated note, is this Mrs Yapp?

Anonymous said...

Dear God BuffySquirrel- I believe that dog is created from cotton candy.

Anonymous said...

As the author in question, I thought the Clooney reference was prescient.

I've had man-love for George ever since he did "Solaris."


Anonymous said...

What? No Jack O'Neill and Sam Carter?

Actually, Jack O'Neill once said in dialogue, when asked to do something vast with minimal tools: "Whadda you think I am--MacGyver?"

They shoulda flashed a beverage alert on that one!

Rick, Jack, Mac--whatever you call him, he's #1 on my short list.