Yes, Email Questions are Answered on the Blog..ONLY

Just a reminder in case you are both new and clue-free.
Email questions are answered on the blog.
No exceptions.

If you don't want your question answered on the blog, don't send it.
I'm not running a private coaching service here; I'm not giving one on one critiques.

I'll leave off your name, and specifics that identify you but if you email me a question, don't expect a private reply.


December Quinn said...

Miss S, you're too nice. I wouldn't have removed the Winterson-wanna-be's question.

You pays your money, you takes your chance...

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dang it! I hang out here a bunch, and I still missed something?

My goat probably distracted me!Naughty goat!

Or, maybe it's that I was actually writing? Could be, I suppose.

Tori Scott said...

Missed the question too. Now wondering if it was mine. Sigh.

You mean you don't want to be our best email buds? Wahhhh!

Of course anyone who spends any time at all on this blog should know their question will end up on the blog if accepted. We don't expect email replies. It boggles my mind that you have time to do this at all, and we are immensely grateful that you do.

Daphne Major said...

I'm bummed I missed a Winterston wannabe...(the mind reels...no, I guess the mind flys around the room in a make believe aeroplane...or enters the veins of a redhead...but anyway...)

Moral of the story: Don't blink - you'll miss something 'round here.