#28-Bella Stander Humerus Love Poems

To the tune of “Just You Wait” from My Fair Lady

Just you wait, Bella Stander, just you wait!
Just past noon they’ll install your brand new plate
You have never been laconic
Now you’ll be a tad bionic
Just you wait, Bella Stander, just you wait!

With that plate, Bella Stander, with that plate,
Your arm will be very, very straight
No more wobbly, no more clunky
You’ll be abso-fably funky
Just you wait, Bella Stander, just you wait!

It is late, Bella Stander, it is late
To the infirmary to meet your fate
I just know you will be fine
And I’m glad that you are mine
It’s really nice that you have the perfect mate.


Anonymous said...

Awesomely funny!
I sure hope her husband wrote this!

Gina Black said...

Luv, luv, luv this. (Prolly helps that I'm a big MFL fan).

Eric Riback said...

Thank you, and yes it was her husband. Just heard from the doc who says she's out of surgery and it went fine. Thanks to Miss Snark and all for your great (really!) stuff, it had her laughing all the way to the hospital, and I;m totally impressed with the sense of community here.

Richard Cooper said...

My vote here!

Nice job, Eric! (What are you cooking for Bella when she returns home?