#36-Bella Stander Humerus Poetry Contest

An Accident No Longer Waiting to Happen

I have not met you Bella Stander
But I think we are perchance related.
My mother’s family genes have made me
All too similarly fated.

I’d tell you ‘bout my funny falls,
My accidents, my spills and worse,
But not one tale compares to yours
Of “Bella and the Naughty Horse*.”

So now the doctors work to fix
Your aching broken humerus.
And people send you love and poems
Sincerely felt and numerous.

Get well! We wish. And get home soon.
You’re sorely missed that’s plain to see.
… I’ll add advice from one who’s been
An accident about to be:

Look both ways twice ere crossing streets
Wear stirrups next time on a horse,
Be careful of electric shock
And do not bungee-jump of course.

*the poet being glad it wasn’t “hearse” which would have made a better rhyme, but not such a laughable outcome


Anonymous said...

Enjoyable poem. Witty and elegant, smooth and lyrical.

verification word: proycue
something said with too much pain killer in the system; could mean any of numerous things including "thank you," "who are you," or "I need to go to the bathroom, could you help me up please and then leave me alone? I would fee a bit embarrassed to have you stay."

Anonymous said...

I like this one very much, and if there were no #44 I would give this one my vote. But alas, there is a #44. Still. Like proycue said.

Anonymous said...

My vote here.