#39-Bella Stander Humerus Poetry Contest

The Left Footed Horse...For Bella

This is the tale of a left footed horse,

the clumsiest creature you ever will meet.

His prancing and trotting were never on course,

with all of the other equestrian feet.

It happened one day when the summer was high,

A damsel named Bella sat high on his back,

The left footed horse with a twinkling eye,

Went galloping onto a treacherous track.

Dear Bella was blissfully riding along,

With never a passing concern in the least.

For if she had known she would surely bemoan,

her choice of the lumbering left footed beast.

"Faster now! Faster now! Bella proclaimed,

and turned him to scale a towering hill,

His hooves were confused by the smallest of moves,

And Bella encountered a frightening spill.

The left footed horse is a sad sight to see,

he's turned out to pasture, though some people say,

he's mourning poor Bella the beautiful maid,

whose humerous snapped on that long ago day.

He trots in the meadow, his head hanging low,

and nickers a song when the hours are late

And practices prancing, for some far off time,

When Bella returns with a new four inch plate.

Remember poor Bella, the next time you ride,

It's really a simple reminder of course,

The gait of your mount is a blessing to count,

and try to avoid that ol' left footed horse.


Anonymous said...

I like this one too!

Inkwolf said...

I love this!

Nancy said...

VERY nice!

Anonymous said...

My vote!

Inkwolf said...

My vote here!

Yhis would make a good song...

none said...

This one gets my vote!

Anonymous said...

My vote!