#44-Bella Stander Humerus Poetry Contest

Gomez, was it a bee
That compelled
You to propel our Bella
Into a post

Or just cussedness

You’re a horse so
We trust you had no
Plan involving

Much less, consequences
For bones

And yet
A moment’s regret?
A tiny Sorry from
A tiny brain

And then


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Now back to the important thing: oats...

Anonymous said...

I love it too, this is my favorite

Nancy said...

Well done! True poetry!

Anonymous said...

my vote here

Anonymous said...

My vote here.

Brilliant in its insight into the lack thereof.

Inkwolf said...

This one is SOOO cute! :)

theraspberrycordial said...

Yeah, must be my scottish blood, the oats won me over

Excellent poem

MBT said...

My vote here

swampytad said...

my vote here

Bella Stander said...

I've thought about this long & hard over the past 3+ months, and I think it was cussedness--and maybe the stirrups flappping gainst Gomez' hyper-sensitive sides.