#51 A-Z-Bella Stander Humerus Poetry Contest

humerus bone break

Bella falling arm to plate

laughter and food wait


They ask, "was it left, was it right?"

she says, "I don't know - it was night."

they inquire this way

and still to this day

poor Bella can't turn out the light


Whilst Bella was reading the news

of editors espousing their views

it gave her a laugh,

which threw her head back,

thus earning a humerus fuse


The call came for all to take arms

but Bella had displaced her charms

she busted her bone

and, thus, could not phone

and cancel her trip to Pitcairn's


They have books on tape for the blind

or Braille, for the indented mind

but Bella's new problem

when reading her Ludlum

is Bourne on the page-turning kind


See Bella alone in a boat

with only one sleeve on her coat

she rowed in a circle

they say, "t'was a mir'cle!"

As funnybone casts seldom float


If you must know, it's Stander not Abzug

whose humerus resides on the unplug

by design, or by fate

which led to this state

of disrupting her day-to-day beer chug


If Bella's Italian for Pretty

then humerus must mean something gritty

a whack to the elbow

can make you go solo

when dining on ribs in the City


They say that dear Bella's not tall

especially before her grand fall

she now can shake hands

wherever she stands

while playing guitar like Les Paul


"Is trying to type with one hand

much harder than taking a Stand?"

Dear Bella grew weary

of answering that query

so now says the injury was planned.


They say she was surfing online

to the beats of her old Patsy Cline

when the whack that undone her

came straight from Peoria

intent on displacing her spine


And so, let these rhymes peter out

"Mend, please!" to dear Bella, all shout

for a crooked right arm

would raise such alarm

except on a Lobbyist lout

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Anonymous said...

A tough choice between this one and #10, but finally this one prevailed. My vote goes here.