#56-Bella Stander Humerus Poetry Contest

Bella Stander Slander

Through green fields she used to wander,
Thinking life could get no grander.
Fate smacked her with a big left-hander.
Here lie the bones of Bella Stander.

Don’t freak, now, they’re still inside 'er!
Though her exploits as a rider,
Have caused comments snide and snider,
To be made. Oh woe betide her!

Out on horseback she was bumming,
In the distance, a guitar strumming.
Bella zoned out, softly humming,
Little knowing what was coming.

The horse, a faithful childhood friend--
Who knew what he did intend?
Into the fencepost did he send,
Bella Stander to meet her end!

Bella Stander, desolate,
Lay in the trail, not feeling great.
The horse loomed over and muttered, “Wait,
“Boss said t' tell ya—your payment’s LATE.”

So our poor Bella sits alony,
Waiting for plating to fuse her bony.
Friends, never deal with Don Cannelloni,
The loan-sharking Mafia Shetland pony!


Anonymous said...

56 posts of bad poetry? What, you got too many readers? If this goes on much longer I know you won't be on my feedreader.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! The best one yet!

Anonymous said...

Love this one!

Anonymous said...

APPLAUSE!! This was marvelous.

Graham - may all your bones break simultaneously and no one care.

Sal said...

My fave.

"Loan-sharking Mafia Shetland pony" to rhyme with "bony"


(and echoes of EAP ta boot!)

Tami P said...

Oh my goodness I loved this one. I laughed so hard I cried. I hope Bella gets as big a charge out of it.

Anonymous said...

Lynn, I think Graham's funnybone is *already* broken. Pity him for the sad, humour disabled man that he his.

LoveRundle said...

This was pretty well written for the spur of the moment contest. I like the creativity on this one and the Mafia pony is just great. I'm laughing so hard.

Anonymous said...

I love this one!

litagent said...

My vote.

Maya Reynolds said...

This one gets my vote--probably because of my Italian blood.

Anonymous said...

I vote for this one. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

a vote here

Anonymous said...

My Vote Here

Inkwolf said...

This was mine, and I just want to thank you all for the kind words! (Except Commentator #1, of course. Tact would have been to say "55 posts of bad poetry and this one." :p )