Bella Stander Poetry Contest-VOTING CLOSED

Update: voting is closed after 12 hours.

85 entries in 48 hours.
It's amazing what y'all will cough up on command!

Vote for your fave! Vote by commenting on the poem:
If you love #1, write a comment that says "my vote here" in the comments section for #1.

Results will post tomorrow, Thursday, then we'll go back to our regularaly scheduled Snarking.


Anonymous said...

I think that Number 4 is still my fave with 62 in second place.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Noo! Do one more, oh, pleeeease one more!

WannabeMe said...

How many times can one vote?

Anonymous said...

I'd give the top spot to number 62. It's original (the only Confucian wish). A tasty bite like a fortune cookie. It has a double entendre, perfect for humor. And it has good advice since sex is the best remedy. ;-)

Other contenders (honorable mentions in my book) go to:
#22 for the unusual twist of considering the horse's plight and introducing the Bella/novella rhyme.

# 41 for imagining Bella's present situation and putting a bedpan to good use, in aid of Miss Snark.

#76 for offering a double dactyl with an original word (required for a true double dactyl)-humerobotomy.

WOW! Congrats to everyone who submitted and a great big thanks to those who wrote my personal favorites.

Niamh Sage said...

I missed this one, dammit. Oh well, I'll say it anyway:

Ms Bella would have better from a Falabella fell-a.

Cath Smith said...

#62 for me!

Anonymous said...

Oops. I forgot about #4. I'd add that to my honorable mentions. It is off-kilter/wacky and has a little age humor (which some of us love & fear).

Anonymous said...

I vote for #4.

Anonymous said...

I like #45. Though it's tame, I always prefer poems that contain words like screwed and nantucket, or at least one sonofabi#$%. #45 is on the right track to ruining Snark's keyboard.