Bella Stander-this isn't humerus any more

Dear Miss Stander,

When you took a Humpty Dumpty sized fall several months back, it was more than a little scary to see your list of injuries and know how perilously narrow that line between here and there can get. We sent good wishes, warm thoughts, and suggestion of reading material.

NOW we discover your humerus isn't mending; in fact it's worse.
In fact, we now hear you're getting a 4"plate attached to your humerus, and if that isn't the classic definition of a crack in the funny bone, I don't know what is.

Well, it's clear you need assistance. Thus, a contest. The First (and LAST!) Bella Stander Get Humerus Poetry Contest.

Details in the next post.

Bella, you've been warned. Get well, or we're gonna make you die laughing!


Virginia Miss said...

What a great idea! I hope this helps Bella get through her ordeal.

Miss Snark, your veil of snarkiness is slipping.

WitLiz Today said...

Vowed I to participate,
When ran I into Fate,
And checked her bloggygate

Alas, did I shake
when author websites she did stake.

I cried aloud as I read
The injustice I said!
Gave me a pain in my head.

Authors beware,
The site you doth share,
If you should care,
Is subject to stare.

And not by mere mortal
Such as one in a portal,
But forsooth, by reviewer
Who doth hath no cluer