Miss Snark,

how does one find stats on book retail sales? Is there a certain web site that literary agents use to look up how many copies of a book were sold? Does anyone have access to this information?

As always, thanks for your snarky advice,

Would that it were on the web, I'd be glued to it daily.
Sadly, it's a subscription based service and it's VERY expensive.
One of my secret goals in life is to find someone who has access and become VERY close friends with them.

Publishers have it. The New York Times has it. Michael Cader has it I think.
I don't.
If anyone wants to buy it for me, let me know. I've got a left arm, a dog, a grandmother, two shysters and a pair of Cole Haan black pumps to trade.


mkcbunny said...

I realize that this might qualify me as nitwit of the day. So be it.

If there's no public way to find out how well a book has sold, how can a writer find out whether Book X [which is similar to his/her novel and is repped by Agent Y, whom we wish to court] did/is doing?

Lauren said...

Does Grandmother Snark cook and do dishes?

Loudlush said...

Two shysters? Now you're just boasting.

RiterLady said...

Miss Snark,

RWA (Romance Writers of America) can pay $52/year and have access to Bookscan's Romance List. Maybe some other group offers access to more of it? Wish I could be more help!


deirdre said...

What size are the pumps?

djlm13 said...

Can't you call Ingram? 800-937-8000 hit 4 - ext 36803 - type the ISBN #, hit 3

Eileen said...

I wonder- given the neurotic tendencies of writers- why this service doesn't lower their price. You have to figure there are millions of authors who would sign up to watch on a near daily basis what was going on with their book. Add in people doing research like the person who asked this question and agents and you would think they would make FAR more money than currently.

RB said...

MWA now offers bookscan to its members for a yearly fee. There is a catch, however. It only lists the top 100 in the genre. So if your book is 101, you aren't going to see the results. If it's 1001... well, you get the picture. But what it does let you do is see what is selling. So for someone like Miss Snark, who has clients in several genres (we're assuming) it might not be a bad idea to join RWA and MWA and get both their lists. (These are cheaper versions than the publishers pay for.) Ingram, Amazon, etc., are just a small percentage of sales, for those of you who check their numbers. I've heard about 5%. Bookscan allegedly takes up the slack on the majority of sales, but it still isn't complete.