Crapometer Scheduled

OPENS--Friday September 1 at 1pm Eastern Daylight time

CLOSES -- Friday (err...Saturday!) September 2 at 1am EDT

12 hour window

Time is calculated on when I receive it.

Nothing early or late will be considered.
I'll tell you if you're disqualified.

Every entry will be acknowledged. No do-overs no matter how worthy the cause or clever the excuse.

Killer Yapp, fresh from the training videos of The Wire season 3, is the enforcement team.

Any questions?


Tina said...

Do we still get a snark-worthy demo to take a peek at before it gets real?

Miss Snark said...

impatient beast!
there's a post three minutes after this one that gives an example!

Gina Black said...

OPENS--Friday September 1 at 1pm Eastern Daylight time

CLOSES -- Friday September 2 at 1am EDT

Do I have to be the one to point out that it's actually Saturday that's September 2 unless you're trying to go back in time?

Anonymous said...

Okay, because I'm a writer and I fret over detail, I have to ask: hypothetically, what if my clock says 1 P.M. on the dot when I send the e-mail, but it's 12:58 P.M. for you?

CJ Parker said...

Darn. Of course it starts and ends when I'll be unable to send. I'll be at Heather Graham's New Orleans Writer's Workshop. Maybe next time.

HiltonRC said...

Oh crap, the meter's running.

Rachel Dryden said...

Whoo-hoo! Thanks again for doing this, it means a lot to your devoted Snarklings.

Over the weekend I was writing a lot, but on several shorts and not my novel. I did however spend several hours in one of those zombie-like trances wherein my subconscious was telling me all kinds of yummy new plot developments and et cetera, so armed with a fresh take on the opening scene, I'll be composing furiously betwixt now and the deadline. Deadlines are Great and Terrible things, but I love them.

Bay said...

Miss Snark, you are so brave, so absolutely heroic. I can't wait to see the newest Crapometer!

BertGrrrl said...

This whole Crapometer thing is very interesting.

Back in the day, I wrote erotica and gave it away online--it was very wild, it was short stories, it had litte marketable value and I was curious what would happen if I did.

Two equally odd things happened: I acquired a fan club, and was relentlesly razed by people hugely offended not by the writing, but by the concept of "giving it away".

My reponse was that creativity exists for itself, first, and need not have monetary gain associated with it to have value. (But that if they wanted to send me money, I prefer cash).

I mention all this because I see so much creativity online--certainly in this blog, in the whole persona of Miss Snark and the universe she has created here. And I sense great anticipation--people looking forward to sharing their work here, even if they risk getting skewered, and the potential for monetary gain is . . . well, what it realistically is.

So, thank you in advance for doing this, Miss Snark. It's a very cool thing and I think a lot of folks are looking forward to it.

HawkOwl said...

CJ Parker - Get your submission ready to go and email it to a remailer. I haven't use them in ten years but surely they're still around. They're little mail engines that receive email from you and send it out to whomever you want, but with a different "from" and/or at a different time. Very handy.

Anonymous said...

Crapometer submissions to the gmail address on the profile page?

Scuzzzy said...

Ok, I'll bite, though I'll possibly get bitten back.

Would I post something right here for the Crapometer? In this blog? Or is there some other way you want it sent to you, Miss Snark? This is the first time I've gathered enough courage to actually think about participating in the Carapometer.

Also, is there a particular genre or are all genres accepted?