Did you get a form email from Miss Snark?

It's that sad day again when the mailbox got hosed out.
344 unanswered emails was just a little over the top.

I sent everyone a form email that said
this is the dreaded form email.
I’m clearing out Miss Snark’s email.

The question you sent is getting deleted. Given how long it’s been sitting here you probably forgot you even sent it!

I trip the trigger when more than 200 emails are unanswered. (Right now it’s 344!)

Most of the time when questions go unanswered they are either too long, too detailed, too personal or I think they’ve already been covered.

I’ll be glad to look at it again but if you’d wait until AFTER the Crapometer runs, I’d appreciate it.



I need to keep the mailbox pretty clear for Crapometer management, and I'm not answering much of anything till after that is over.


Nick said...

Not the first form letter I've gotten from an agent. :) Looking forward to participating in the crapometer, though.


Inez said...

CRAP o meter

or crap OM eter?

Or is that Brit vs American?

Elektra said...

I was so relieved to see it was from you--I saw form letter and thought my query was getting rejected yet again.

anonymous said...

So, send you 20 questions now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice. Now I don't have to worry about which wrong email address I might have sent my question to.

Besides, somebody else wrote in substantially the same letter, so you answered my question in practically a one-day turnaround.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad my question fell off the list. After I sent it and thought about it for a bit, I realized I was likely to end up as some day's nitwit, or at least a runner-up.

Daphne Major said...

Inez -

po TAY to, pa TOT oh...
(Let's call the whole thing off...)



Oh dear - Not you, divine Miss Snark. No, no...I didn't mean that thing about calling the whole thing off...please, please, please. I couldn't take it.


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(A religious holy war against the overuse of definite articles)

Kendall said...

Sorry, I e-mailed you an amusing link that explains publishing in dating terms, and hadn't read your blog yet tonight. (blush) Sorry!

BuffySquirrel said...

Okay, but did you at least go and look at George Cloney?

kitty said...

I not only received the e-mail, I saved it!

Robin L. said...

Even though it's a form letter - it's still a thrill to see something from "Miss Snark" in my inbox. :) I saved mine too!

Nick said...

344? That's a "gross" amount of e-mail over the limit of two-hundred.

Sorry, couldn't resist...