Don't do me no favors

If a niche magazine publishes an excerpt of a soon-to-be published book in that niche, would the writer normally be paid? Or is the writer typically not paid seeing as the excerpt serves as good publicity for the book? Is there an industry standard on this situation?

Yes. It's called first serial rights. And yes, you get paid. Even if it's not much. "Good publicity" is a feature article or a review. It's not an excerpt from the book.

Sharpie magazine editors are always looking for good content. Don't let them skate on paying you by telling you they are doing you a favor by publishing it.


Anonymous said...

Do note that most small zines don't pay for short stories OR novel excerpts. That doesn't mean anybody's getting scammed. It's still better to be published than not. Gives you some cred. And something to put in that query to Ms. Snark besides, "Be my agent or I kidnap the dog."

Miss Snark said...

First serial rights only apply for a work that has been accepted for publication. Sending your work to ezines that pay nuttin' isn't that.

There's no point to giving someone first serial rights if they don't pay you. Any pub that has enough readership to be of value has some money.

If you're looking to amass publication credits, that's a different situation. You're NOT shopping first serial rights.

If this isn't clear, let me know.

And if you live in an igloo, the dog is availble for short term napping.