Miss Snark is closing up for a couple days

She's going to float in a sensory deprivation tank of gin.
She's going corral the Crapometer at Coney Island.
She's going to Lake Como in Italia to stalk her beloved.

maybe all three.

In her absence the blog is dark.
No comments either, sorry.

Back next week.

Use this time to polish your crapometer entries and read the snarkives.


Anonymous said...

Take a nice long break.

Now for some motherly advice (a la Grandmother Snark--she's channeling, I think.)

You can fall into the gin pail, just make sure you can climb out again. Make sure you lean way over & watch which way the wind is blowing when you throw up after that ride. And as for Italia, remember, if caught, you have the right to remain silent. Use it!

Now enjoy! Snarklings will survive. (She says blithely, going into withdrawal already).

word verif: zodokec--the dance you do on a vacation cruise

Anonymous said...

We'll miss you. Hope you come back with your batteries recharged and ready to snark again - And, most of all, with Mr. Clooney in tow.

Have a restful time. You deserve it!

xoxo All the Snarklings

mahukey said...

Come back, please!
Sigh...fine take a vacation, I'll just stay here and stare at the screen until you return.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy, Miss Snark!

Anonymous said...


MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Three beloveds? I thought Georgie was the only one for you?

hee hee

Anonymous said...

No comments from this group?

Anonymous said...

No comments from this group?

Seriously now.

HawkOwl said...

You're back already? Augh! :( With all due respect, I got so much done in just three days of not reading your blog. :)

Hope you had a fun time in the gin pail.

Anonymous said...

Without you, the Queen of Snark, it's pretty boring around here. We're all holding our breath, shivering with anticipation, imagining the juicy, possibly gin-soaked, lurid stories you'll tell upon your return. Maybe not, but at least something interesting. Did you lock in a new client? Or Georgie? Or at least sunburn you butt?

Brooke said...

ooooh! Did you stalk Mr. Clooney? Did you clatter up the drive in stilettos, suitcase in hand? Quit toying with us and tell all.