More? You want MORE?

Dear Miss. Snark,

An agent read my partial and has requested the full manuscript (oh joy!). Since I was diligently writing another book (not a sequel) while my query made the rounds, I now have a second book to offer. These are chapter books for children and while all the writing rules apply, the relatively modest word count means I can be productive. As an unpublished, unagented writer, I intend to send the agent the requested ms with a thank-you and copy of her request. I am wondering if I should briefly mention other projects in my coverletter?

I want the agent to know I'm committed and productive, not a one-trick-pony. Yet I don't want to be tossed in the pile of nitwits-who-think-I'll-want-all-their-work-right-away.

You're safe. Mention the other work. Briefly.

The "don't overwhelm me with tales of your output" advice is generally for those of you working on big ass novels who have a sixteen part series all ready to go.

Kids chapter books are hard to write, in part because the word count is so low, but many very very fine writers produce more than one a year. I miss Paula Danziger a whole lot.


Dave Kuzminski said...

Ah, you've heard of my series, An Age of Heroes, huh? ;)

Anonymous said...


I can't believe she's gone almost two years!! My kids love her books.

Anonymous said...

I met Paula twice--both times at the SCBWI mid year in NY. I was just one of the masses, eager to learn more about being a better writer. Both times, she was genuinely warm, positive, and personable. One of those meetings she even initiated herself by calling a complement across a crowded hallway--for no other reason than because she was --well--nice. And funny. And sharing. I did not even know her, but I very much miss her presence at that conference.

Annika said...

Paula encouraged me when I was a kid who wanted to be a writer. She also wrote books that are still among my favorites. I cried my eyes out when she died. Thank you for mentioning her.

Anonymous said...

And thank you for acknowledging that writing children's books is not easy.

A little acknowledgement goes a long way.