MySpace, LJ, blogs, links-signatures

Take a quick look at your email signature.
Got a link?
Is it to your blog or your website?
If it is to your website, which page?
Is it the first thing you want ME to see?

If it's to your blog, do you really want me to see your post on panic that you can't write worth shit?

Clean up your act when you go out in the world electronically.
You're not limited to one email account, and you can change signatures.

If you put a link on your signature, and I'm sitting here on hold with Verizon, or watching KY tap dance with sunbeams, I may very well click it.

Do NOT shoot yourself in the font by showing me your inner most anxieties.


Anonymous said...

So are you saying, that thing I do with the gerbils, should be deleted?

Kimber An said...

Good advice, Miss Snark. I've read some pretty wild things. I think people just don't really think about who can see what they post on the Net.

Miss Snark said...

Anon, oh no, that was funny. Particularly the Yankees baseball cap on the one with a skateboard. In fact, I'm thinking book deal already.

Ig said...

I have no idea what you're talking about. I certainly always represent myself with heaps of dignity. Oodles of grace. Heaps and oodles.

Miss Snark said...

oodle this baby!

jude calvert-toulmin said...

Good advice, as usual Miss Snark, but I'm a little confused.

My blog is a personal blog, rather than a writing showcase blog, so I'm not sure whether I would necessarily mention it in professional circles. Having said that, there is only one person in the world with my name, so I am easily googled. For that reason, I try never to post anything under my name that I would not say to someone's face, or could ever feel ashamed of. I try to make sure my blog is informative, entertaining, educational and positive, although there are certain things on there that may offend some people, such as nudity (in what I consider to be an artistic capacity, I might add.) (She said, archly ;) )

I'm not entirely comfortable with posting anywhere anonymously, so if I do post on forums under a pseudonym then there is usually a link to my blog or webpage in the profile section.

One certainly does have to think about what one posts on the net. As for anonymity, I've known people post all sorts of damaging bile under the supposed umbrella of anonymity, only for others to subsequently track down who they are.

Kimber An said...

You people are cracking me up so bad today!

Feisty said...

I couldn't get the oodle thing to load. I hope it's worth waiting for.

helen said...

I'd love to see the email signature that prompted this!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that's a funny website. But what do they do? That's what I want to know. And why should I hire them?

Manic Mom said...

Great thoughts to consider.


Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm not sure I have an innermost worry, not that I don't have worries. It's just that all of them are fairly openly displayed. I think I got that from my mother.

On my list of things to worry about:

1. Will the basement ever be cleaned?

2. Do I have my ratty copy of Isaac Newton's "On the Prophecies" rebound and restored, or leave it as it is?

3. Are Oreos harmful to your health, and, if so, will I ignore the danger or quit? Do they have a twelve step program for Oreo eaters?

4. Is it legal to hire a hit-man to murder your neighbour's chickens! That mean, trespassing rooster has got to go!

5. Where will my next pair of really sexy cute shoes be found? Let's go shopping!

Well, that's the top five. Notice that being published, writing well, and being nice to my Uncle David aren't on here at all.

This pixie's advice is to put things in their proper place. Do not obsess about your writing. Just practice. It's like the Flute of Tanath. There are those who put all their life into learning to play it well. The rest of us just practice and enjoy.

If it isn't fun, it's not worth the sweat and agony. Worry about death and taxes if you must. Worry about your children. Put that up on the top of the list.

But worry about your writing, obsess about it, agonize over it? Pshaaa! Just practice it.

mitzibel said...

Working tech help for the federal financial aid website, I was utterly shocked by the email addresses people would put on a document that their schools, advisors, and scholarship/grant comittees would be reading. "2hard2swallow@aol.com" or "princesskanky@yahoo.com" is not likely to be looked upon kindly when it crosses the desk of the administrator for the Alice B. Pantyweather Scholarship for Moral Young Ladies.

Jen said...

Just curious, Miss Snark, the fact that I have "I suck-itis" on occasion is.......bad? Mmmmmm. I always thought that as long as I avoided anti-agent/anti-editor stuff that I was safe. *sigh* Something to contemplate. I always figured that an editor/agent seeing the writing process wouldn't be a problem.
Dang it! I have problems coming up with stuff to blog anyway.
So, you're turned off by the "writing blah" blogs? What else gives you a pain when you're on hold and click on these little gems? Expound, explain, comment, Please?

December Quinn said...

This is why I keep a separate journal on a different site under a different name--and even then I lock my anxious or whiny posts.

Of course, I haven't always been exactly nice on my blog...maybe I should go delete some old rants about other stuff...

James Goodman said...

Oops, I knew that would backfire on me eventually. Such is the price for leading a dual life. I usually remember to change signatures before sending out emails, but I sent you the one with the link to my S&M apparel line, didn't I? The only reason I modeled those myself is I couldn’t afford to pay for the attractive people to do it. Sorry for any mental scarring the site may have caused. :D

delilah said...

It's always a pleasure to start Miss Snark's day with a laugh.

But in the interest of setting things straight, I have to out myself.

I know the picture's a bit fuzzy so I forgive your transgression: it's not a yankee's hat, it's a RED SOX hat.

too embarrassed to sign said...

james: Too bad you can't gouge out your mind's eye.

signed, a mortified woman whose 50-year-old husband walks around nude in full view of our neighbor's deck. That poor, poor woman...

The Neighbor said...

Yo, Embarrassed (or I should say Mrs. Bare Assed):

Speedo is your friend.
Well, maybe not your friend, but mine for sure.

I'm sending the dog over with a gift certificate to Kmart. Towels are on page 6.

(talk about the down side of 20/20 vision)

James Goodman said...

Ah, if I could gouge out my mind's eye, I'm sure it would have been blind years ago.

lol, sorry you're mortified, but that story sure put a smile on my face.

delilah said...

personal to Sha'el re: #4: Get a cat!

WitLiz Today said...

Ok, I gotta cough up on this one.

The presumption seems to be that I'm showcasing my writing when I blog. That I'm, in effect sitting on the Titanic as I watch LA's pass by in their fancy gin soaked yachts on their way to Fantasy Island waving bye bye.

Au contraire. To quote the immortal Shakespeare,

"My grief lies all within/And these external manners of lament/Are merely shadows to the unseen grief/That swells with silence in the tortured soul."

Translation: Unless your blog or whatever has a neon sign in the headline that says,

"FU Miss Snark!" Watsa da problem?

Anonymous said...


Say what?

Come again?


~~Olivia said...

Multiple e-mail address? What a concept... My friends laugh when I tell tham I have eight e-mail address. I use different e-mails for different reasons / people. It makes sense. And my author website only has a sample of my writing. I would never give my blog address out to an agent / editor.

Miss Snark, you are on the mark. If a writer wants to be taken seriously as a professional, then he must present himself as a profressional, in all ways.

Anonymous said...

Love the ig stories, Miss Snark and Ig. Very professional. Absolutely staid.

Patrick Nielsen Hayden said...

"If a writer wants to be taken seriously as a professional, then he must present himself as a professional, in all ways."

See, I'm just not sure I totally sign on to this. Being a creative writer isn't the same as being in one of the "professions" -- law, medicine, etc. For pretty good reasons, those fields have certain rules and standards for deportment. Those reasons don't really apply to writers.

I agree that everyone trying to do business--and publishing is a business--should try to act like a grownup, at least most of the time. But I think the idea that writers should "present themselves as professionals" in all ways, and at all times, would--if followed--lose us one hell of a lot of good writers, and good writing.

phillywriter said...

I can't believe you had Death Tarte on this site. They're this cute local Philly duo that sing the dirtiest songs you've ever heard. I didn't even know they had a website. It's too bad they don't have their songs on it (at least not that I could find). I saw them once at Fergies pub and could not stop laughing.

Miss Snark said...

I don't care what you post on your blog, or if you eat spaghetti with your fingers. If you have pics of the digitized pasta, and post them on your blog, have at it.

Just consider whether you want me to see it.
If you do, great.
If you don't, look at your email signature and make sure your default/auto sig isn't a link to the web/blog/site.

It's not a matter of being a professional at all times. Hell I'd be hardpressed to meet that standard myself. It's a question of presenting what want me to see, and not sending me stuff "by default".

Terry said...

More on blog caveats here:

desert snarkling said...

I think all writers complain and angst about writing, but that it doesn't hurt to keep most of that angsting either under an anonymous handle, or in locked posts--or maybe better, in real time with trusted friends.

But I figure, if I keep telling readers, editors, agents how much my writing sucks--well, either they'll believe me; or they'll worry that all those people I'm telling will believe me. Repetitions of "my writing sucks and so do I" are not exactly brilliant PR.

On the other hand, a post that says, "Writing can be tough sometimes, and here's why it was tough today"--if done wittily or informatively or engagingly--can encourage people to read one's site and one's books.

Heck, anything witty or engaging can do that--even the whining.

But I figure my blog is going to be a first look at my writing, for some folks, at least. If I'm wearing my public writer face then, well, I'd better write well when I'm posting in public, and save the therapy journaling for more private venues.

Even though the support from same can be invaluable--but one doesn't need to seek that support in front of the entire 'net.

desert snarkling said...

Which I guess all really boils down to: just don't forget that when you're blogging under your own name, you're out in public.

Sal said...

Which I guess all really boils down to: just don't forget that when you're blogging under your own name, you're out in public.

How can I forget?

I don't splash all sorts of stuff out on my blog, and I've never been much for gossiping in public, but sometimes I forget that it's not just "the public" that's reading my blog and being wow'd by my charm and erudition.

I forget, and then out-of-the-blue my sister-in-law drops an "I love the photographs you put up on your blog. That's what I like most about it." on me and I remember.

Anonymous said...

In the same vein, I don't think your email that you use with professionals should say something like HotChick77@aol.com or StudlyGeek58@yahoo.com, things like that.