Parsing out "query again"

Dear Miss Snark,

After I'd forgotten I'd even queried them, I got a wonderful rejection. It however is rather ambivalent: "This sounds wonderful, but I just can't fit this in my schedule. Please consider us again the the future. Best Wishes!"

I was jubilant. But confused. Does this mean "please consider us again (when we're not so busy?) Or please consider us again with another book?

At any rate, I'd given the rejected book up as a "never sell" because I've worked so long and hard on it that now *I* loathe it. But I do have a new one in the works.

Comments on rejection letters, even when written by Miss Snark, are not edicts from She Who Must Be Obeyed.

If you can't stand Novel Alpo by all means query them about Novel BiteMarks.

The problem of course with "query when we are less busy" is you have no idea when that is. Thus you can't make it a factor in your Grand Query Strategy. Keep this agent on your list but don't read more into that reply than 'you don't suck'.

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