56 posts of bad poetry? What, you got too many readers? If this goes on much longer I know you won't be on my feedreader.

This comment strikes me as the height of nitwittery.

First, the contest is for two days. If you don't like the content, delete the posts unread.

Second, why are you writing to tell me that my idea for cheering up a colleague who has been seriously injured, and facing surgery, is somehow unworthy of time on MY blog? No, it's not all great poetry, but that was never the idea. It was to have each of us do one small thing individually and then collectively it would be a big thing to make Bella (whom many of us know, respect and admire) laugh, and feel better. If you don't see that; if all you see is "bad poetry", the problem isn't the poetry.

Get your head out of your asterisk. Your sense of entitlement, not to mention your humanity, needs a serial scrubber.


Anonymous said...

But Miss Snark! How could you overlook the WMD-caliber threat of feedreader deletion? Feedreader deletion! Think of the potential harm to children and puppies and sunshiny days!

Anonymous said...

He (and I just sense it is a he) is telling you this, Miss Snark, because everyone thinks the point of it all is to be popular or make a buck or get more readers. And what is so wonderful about you and this blog, dear Snarkanon, is that not knowing who you are, there isn't a commercial thing about it.

AND someone was inspired to rhyme humerus and uterus. All because of you.

Bella is blessed in her friendships. Get well Bella!

Anonymous said...

Medical intervention with a smile, bad poetry, or not: Yay!

Telling Ms Snark, what to write on her own blog: Boo!

Bella, get well soon, so we can all celebrate!

Ones, again, hurray for Ms Snark, and coockies for KY!

boudin man said...

What, someone makes a snarky comment and you judge the person to be inhuman? Ummmm. Your blog welcomes comments that you often handle with a hatchet. Do you feel better now? You reap what you sow...ouch, a cliche.

C.J. Redwine said...

Here's an idea. If you don't like it, just don't read it. I'm brilliant, I tell you, brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is Bella Stander? And why are people writing poems about someone who they don't know?

Anonymous said...

I think he is just a symptom of the times. He's sitting back, waiting to be amused and entertained and is shocked when someone isn't actually fulfilling that need, because of course, it's all about HIM. The fact that a blog is a personal device, more akin to a digital journal than anything else, is simply a concept he cannot grasp and never will. If you're motive isn't to somehow please him, then really, what's the point?

He'll never be thankful for the privelege to read this blog or anything else, because his sense of entitlement has dulled all his other senses - those he had to begin with. ;)

Anonymous said...

It would be nice (and easier on my feedreader) if maybe you could combine a bunch of entries into a single post...

Anonymous said...

I'm terribly sorry about Bella, she must be a special friend. I send her best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Although I agree for the most part about what the poster said, I would have never actually emailed Miss Snark complaining.

Geez, just skip the poetry already and stop being a nitwit.

Anonymous said...

anon: do you always write about the people you know? That's autobiography and nonfiction, I gather.

Anonymous said...

You tell 'em, Miss Snark! I'm not a poetry fan and I didn't read the entries, but geez, the gall of some people, trying to tell you how to run your own blog. I hope your friend comes through her ordeal with healing both physical and emotional.

Mindy Tarquini said...

The nitwit liketh not our poetry!?
Am crusheth I.

-- my inner yoda

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

People are just mean! I wrote this for Jennifer of the Fatal Flaw, but feel free to use it on the mean nasty twits who hate bringing simple comfort to a wounded human.

A curse in most foul kind
Be upon your breast.
May you receive what
You deserve best.

You would crush the faint and lowly,
Crush us between your fingers slowly.

You are wise and adept,
But when you attacked me,
You stepped out of your depth.

Lowly I am and small,
But that's not all.

I curse you to your face.
I send you a blow of words
And Imprecations.
I will ignore your supplications.

Cursed you are and
Cursed you'll be.
How it'll work out -- well, we'll just see.

But I think you dead,
And when you prosper
Others will benefit and you'll reap pain --
When all is said.

So cursed you are and cursed you'll be.
I'll never set you free.

Just in case you think this is a joke
(I hope you laugh until you choke)
Think of me when troubles overwhelm
And believe my curse controls your helm.

There. I feel much, much better. Borrow it as you wish. Of course, you have to be at least part-pixie for the curse to work.

Bad poetry indeed! Ha! Fun poetry (though some of it is just odd.)

You broke your bones.
It makes me sad.
To break a bone is really bad.

A break is so inconvenient.
A nice break, I've never seen yet.

(Talk about bad poetry! but I love the line.)

Stacy said...

I think the feedreader issue is part of the problem. I only have the vaguest idea what that is, as I only have a link to this site on my yahoo homepage - I have to manually (like a caveman, I guess) click the link to get here.

And can anyone tell me why I keep getting the word verification wrong? I'm wearing my glasses and everything!

Anonymous said...

I'm with the Nitwit of the Day. The poems are almost as irritating as Bella Stander herself.

I know this post won't make it onto the site, but this is really just for you, anyway, Ms. Snark. If you don't want feedback on what you post, then DON'T POST. Otherwise, it's fair game.

Ray said...

Yeah but, this bad poetry is humerus, mostly. Been laughing my feedreader off.

Hey, I can appreciate how hard it is to write bad poetry on purpose. Writing it accidentally is easy.

It's easy as stepping in the nitwitshit (scrape scrape).

Sue said...

Yesterday, when I opened the blog and found some sort of contest I was frightened, mostly because I didn't know what was going on or who this Bella Stander was. I then googled the name and found out. AND I discovered that Ms. Stander was already aware of the poetry contest and already reading the poems and her laughter (best medicine) was already healing her wounds.

Shall we call you Doctor Snark?

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking this comment goes well beyond nitwittery, and crosses the thin line that leads to assholery. I'm also sensing this person simply doesn't get the concept of blogging, which is also another sign of assholery riding the thin line of nitwittery.

Kim said...

I don't know - nor do I really care - what a feedreader is. I don't know who Bella is. But I wish her a speedy recovery all the same. I wish I could write poetry - good or bad - that made someone laugh - just to make them laugh. What's the harm in that? The one set to the 'My Fair Lady' song almost required a major mop-up of my laptop screen. I was having a crappy day yesterday and those poems made me smile - and I had nary a broken bone.

You don't like it? Skip it. I won't tell you how to run your show, don't tell anyone else how to run theirs. Scroll down if you don't want to read it - I promise, you won't get hurt.

Don't be such a Scrooge just because some people will write so-bad-it's-good poetry just to make someone else smile or make their day a little brighter. Karma will get you. Oh yes, it will... bwahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

It's fun, it's healing, it's not hurting anyone - except the meanspirited - what more do you want?

I don't know who Stella is but she has friends that care and she's inspired people to write in. Isn't that what matters?

If you don't like it, get thee to another blog.

The Editrixie said...

The point, various anonymouses, is not that Miss Snark doesn't want feedback on what she posts. This person's e-mail is the height of arrogance because it suggests that Miss Snark is under some sort of obligation to entertain the readers of this blog, when in fact she's under no obligation to do any such thing. It doesn't matter if you think the poems are stupid, or if you think Bella Stander is stupid (although if you think that you've obviously moved beyond simple nitwittery.) This is Miss Snark's blog, and if she decides to stop answering all your letters and only posts her poetry describing her George Clooney fantasies then you have no right to complain. This is HER blog, she's doing this with HER time, and she should be able to post whatever she wants without having to listen to you nitwits whine about it.

Cara said...

I didn't get a chance to read all entries yesterday, but enjoyed those I did (good or bad)
I am impressed by anyone who can write poetry and its that much sweeter that this was to cheer up a friend.
Go on with your badself Miss S....and get a grip Anon.

Cheryl said...

Who the hell is Bella Stander? And why are people writing poems about someone who they don't know?

When Miss Snark says, "Write this," you write it. You don't question the Snark. You don't google the name. My dog, didn't Bat Segundo teach you anything?

Bernita said...

I'll be brief.
Sod off.

Anonymous said...

Because of the tribute, I ambled over to Bella's site--and found some interesting reading.

For the love of dog, I can't write poetry, so I opted for a trite get well, and let her know I'd left the snarkfest to do it.

But if you don't see it, Bella, good luck on the bone healing.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Nitwits, the choice of diet-conscious zombies.

Think about it for a moment if it doesn't make sense at first. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I've really been enjoying the poetry and even though I'm not Ms. Stander and I am not injured, I have laughed and laughed and felt deeply touched on behalf of a person I don't even know, but do admire. Personally, I'd like to thank Miss Snark and all the authors for a wonderful read. I wish I had such a good friend and colleague who would devote so much of her insanely popular blog to make me laugh. And if in the process you lose the nitwits and the anons that forget that this is your blog not theirs, all the better.

Best wishes to Ms. Stander for a speedy recovery!

Simon Haynes said...

Editrixie (above) took the words out of my mouth. This is Miss Snark's blog. She's not running newbie education classes, nor a nitwit hangout, nor providing essential government services, nor fulfilling a contract for free career guidance counselling.
It's a blog, and if you get any of the above out of it ... bonus.
I didn't know who Bella Stander was either (I live in Australia, not exactly the centre of the publishing universe) but I used Google and then submitted an entry for the comp even though I cannot win a prize. (As unlikely as that is). It's my way of saying thanks for the blog, and several dozen others have done the same.

Anonymous said...

I know this post won't make it onto the site, but this is really just for you, anyway, Ms. Snark. If you don't want feedback on what you post, then DON'T POST. Otherwise, it's fair game.

Did she say she didn't want feedback? Nooo...she didn't. She was just replying to jerk. Providing feedback to the feedback, so to speak. After all, if the nitwit doesn't want feedback on what s/he emails, then s/he should NOT EMAIL. Miss Snark has said that all emails are potential fodder for the blog, so if someone emails her some idiocy, it's fair game.

As for your smug assertion that your comment wouldn't make it onto the site, Miss Snark once, quite happily and probably while emitting great hyena shrieks of laughter, posted an anonymous comment that consisted of the words "FUCK U BITCH."

Really, your low-grade nastiness is nothing compared to that kind of vitriol, is it? Come back when you've made it to the big league, Sweetie.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does that dang thing rhyme? How do you send a virus with this thing? ...Searching for virus button... Oh well. You'll never survive the flaying alive on the comment boards.

PS - to anon who disdainfully believes that no one knows Bella - just because YOU don't know Bella doesn't mean the rest of us are as ignorant. I really must learn how to sabotage idiots with this here computer. BWAHAHAHAHA Sigh - they are as safe from me as we are from them. Well, karma's a bitch and we bitches stick together.

Anonymous said...

56 posts of bad poetry?

Actually it was only 55 at the time ... Miss Snark skipped #50.

WannabeMe said...

Miss Snark can turn this blog into a rant about Killer Yap's poop pick-up bags or housetraining pads for all I care. She's Miss Snark - it'll still be entertaining as hell.

WannabeMe said...

P.S. I wouldn't mind someone sending me dirty limericks to cheer me up when I'm fighting Strep.



Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear Bernita,

I think I like you more all the time.

Most unladylike. Most. bwhahahahaha

writtenwyrdd said...

There's a reason I don't USE a feedreader, and that's so I can pick and choose a time to view the blog.

I don't understand the need for snarfing about getting hit with poetry all day when you - you, the recipient! - can choose to NOT receive the stuff! Sheesh. Just shut up about it and turn off the feed.

Miss Snark's blog will be there to amuse you when you have time to type the url or click the link.

Keep on writing whatever you want, Snarkpuss, you are not changing your spots on use, so they ought not act surprised.

James Goodman said...

Wow! What an ass. Good on you for using YOUR blog to cheer up a colleague, Miss Snark.

Inkwolf said...

Cheryl Mills said...
"When Miss Snark says, "Write this," you write it. You don't question the Snark. You don't google the name. My dog, didn't Bat Segundo teach you anything?"

Oh, my...I googled the name...should I be watching out for poodle ambushes?

Bugwit said...

A day spent on poetry for a friend is a day lost on my education as a writer! You just cost me a day of being rich and famous! Now chop, chop!

Get well, Bella!

Ken Boy said...

Dearest anonymous initial poster (aka, nitwit of the day), if you don't want Miss Snark to comment on your comments, then DON'T POST them.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I suppose that in this case, Diff'rent Strokes wasn't just a bad TV show that introduced a bunch of kids to drugs.

'cause my feed's getting more action than Trevor Wolff himself, and that is NOT an easy feat.

Anonymous said...

This post just proves, despite her protests to the contrary, that Miss Snark is an old softy.

That being said, I guess we should be grateful that she is a "Miss" and not a "Mr." because then the softy-thing might be a bit confuzzling.

Oh how I love that word!

Anonymous said...

re: the feedreader issue

Imagine you got emails whenever any of your favorite blog sites posted a new entry! Now imagine one of them posts like fifty new entries in a short period of time. Tada! You have the feedreader equivalent of spam.

It's not as simple as not reading entries a web page.

As I noted before, if Miss Snark could combine several contest entries into one post and cut down on the number of total posts that would pretty much solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, my mouse has the neat feature where I can scroll past text I do not wish to read. Crazy.

What next? The ability to go to any web page you wish instead of being forced to read specific blogs?

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't lump us anonymices together. I'm on Miss Snark's side, especially as she posted my poem which took hours ... okay, minutes ... to compose,

Anonymous said...

"It's not as simple as not reading entries a web page."

No, but it's as simple as deleting all of your Miss Snark emails for two days and just reading the web page, isn't it? I know that must be a terrible bother for the lazy, whiny anons out there.

Bernita said...

Dear Sha'el,
I was always taught that a - ahem- "lady" has a duty to denounce the malevolent and to solace the sick.

PS. I am fond goats.

Anonymous said...

I thank Miss Snark for the chance to read something light and refreshing in the middle of an overheated work day.

I come from a California beach town where we used to hold a Bad Pome Contest in connection with our annual Clam Festival. Alas, the contest grew too popular for the hardware store owner/judge to handle and it is no more.

Thanks to Miss Snark for creating--for a short time anyway--a Pismo Beach of the blogosphere.

RodgerPM said...

I really don't think that temporary discomfort on anyone's part is Miss Snark's responsibility when she's running her blog the way that she pleases. - Which is the way that it should be run.

I also can't believe that people still get spam when there have been, for years, a few ways to avoid it all together.

What are they?
Don't give out your e-mail address.
If you must, give out the fake-out one that you give to all suspicious people/sites.
Set your e-mail filter to only allow e-mails from people you e-mail or from people in your address book.

ET VOILA - No spam in your inbox. Be sure to empty out your spam folder periodically, as it can start to smell.

Stacia said...

It's not as simple as not reading entries a web page.

Actually, yes it is. Instead of messing about with feedreaders for a site you know has a tendency to once in a while post lots of entries in one day (it's not like this is Miss S's first contest ever), why not just come to the site x times a day like the rest of us do?

I understand your point, and I'm not aiming anything at you personally, Anonymous, but really. You set up a feedreader because you're too busy or important or cool or whatever to be bothered coming to the blog, and then complain that Miss S doesn't rearrange things for you. It's the height of arrogance.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Oh, heck. Just assume some personal responsibility. You chose Feederreader or Fenderbender or what ever that is ... You. Not Missy Snarkie. She chose to post on a blog.

Receiving influx via RSS or any such irritating thing is your problem, not hers. You don't like the result of your choice, and you want the Goddess of Literary Snarkisms to fix it for you? Shame! Most goddesses expect their converts to assume some responsibility.

Charon doesn't make change. St. Peter doesn't sell keys. Pixies don't loan out wings.

You made the decision to use some form of info-feed. Go find your own solution.

Bill E. Goat suggests dried leaves. They're great to eat and roughage is essential to goat health. I suggest you drop the feed and use links. And I suggest you stop expecting others to accommodate you. You're a guest here.

Buck up boys. Become men! I'm sure this is all coming from guys. They still need mommies!

Oh my God, what have I started with that comment?

I'm hiding for a while!

Mindy Tarquini said...

The easiest way to avoid Miss Snark feedreader spam is to drop her from your feedreader. An announcement is not necessary.

She'll get over it.

Now back to Bella Stander bad humerus poetry goodness.

Corn Dog said...

As my dear departed Gramma used to say about nitwits like you, "What a dope." Please pack up your tiny feedreader and go home. You shan't be missed. And I am stunned, simply stunned, you thought my Haiku was bad. I have studied with the great master, La Internet, and I spent hours (ok, maybe minutes) working on it.

roach said...

Fifty new e-mails of bad poetry sure beats the heck out of the fifty pieces of spam I get every time I check my e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who attend the annual Virginia Festival of the Book believe that Bella deserves this tribute.

And even if I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting Bella, any time Miss Snark mentions a name I'm not familiar with, I welcome the opportunity to learn about another "mover and shaker" in the mysterious world of publishing.

Anonymous said...

So many people in the world just don't get it--and by it, I mean life and why we are all here.
The point of life is not just to make money and be a snob. How hollow is that?

The point of life is *drumroll* to help each other, support eachother, enjoy eachother. Other humans are all we've got. They are friends, families, and our future--yours and mine. How that future turns out is up to you. Yes, YOU.

This blog is obviously not an attempt to make money; the blog may be anonymous, but it's also obviously personal.

Here are some tips for the sullen throng who appear to have nothing but disdain for their fellow humans (note that these tips are applicable for just about any new and troubling situation you may encounter):

1. If you don't know who Bella Stander is, maybe you could look up who she is. You could then learn something about her.

2. You could feel bad that a woman fell off a horse and injured herself so badly that now, even months later, she had to get a metal plate put in her body to repair the damage.

3. You could grow a heart, and develop a sense of humor.

The tips do not have to happen in the order presented, but they will help you to enjoy life. Please try them.

Anonymous said...

Y'know, I don't know Bella, and I don't dig poetry either -- but -- you've got to have sympathy for someone facing complications like that. Especially someone in a hands-on profession.

Hope Bella's surgery has a positive outcome.

WannabeMe said...

I don't know what a Feedreader is, but I know what a Fenderbender is.... or did Pixie say Genrebender? Genderbender? Anyhoo, I know what those mean, don't have a clue what a feedreader is.

Maya Reynolds said...

Rodgerpm: You've hit on one of my pet peeves. I am the membership chair of a fairly large online chapter. I get a half dozen emails asking for information every day.

Nothing is more annoying than when I receive an inquiry about membership, respond and then get an email with an application for me to fill out to get through the querier's spam filter. Talk about arrogance and entitlement.

I simply delete the application and move on. Life is too short to waste on people with an inflated sense of their worth.

Anonymous said...

You go sha'el girl! Like Momma always taught me: Don't take no crap from nobody - especially if said crizap is directed at Miss Snark.

Anonymous said...

I suspect a troll.

Why else would one bother to yank a chain?

Anonymous said...

["As I noted before, if Miss Snark could combine several contest entries into one post and cut down on the number of total posts that would pretty much solve the problem."]

Yes, and can you also make sure to only do updates to the blog at 10am, 12pm and 3pm (PST) because that is when I have my breaks and can read the blog without getting in trouble. Secondly, find a way to remove the verification word thing because I always type the word in wrong and it's irritating me. Lastly, hotlink everytime you refer to anything off the blog or on another post so that I may easily identify what it is you're talking about without having to google it (who was it exaclty who turned google into a verb). I know that you live to make my life easier, Miss Snark, so please do them ASAP.

PS: Get well soon Bella!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I use a feedreader because I believe that I am superior to everybody here.

Back to my original point, is it that difficult to combine, say, five poems into one post?

Anonymous said...

Dave Kuzminski said...
Nitwits, the choice of diet-conscious zombies.

Dave, you're good! LOL

Kelly said...

Geez. I miss the regularly scheduled programming, too, but I'm not about to piss and moan at someone whose endless supply of wit and wisdom has made me a measurably more savvy writer. More and better writing advice than a dozen self-help books combined, and all for free! Where you gonna find a better bargain?

Bella, I'm not reading the poetry either, but I'm with you in spirit. Anyone Miss Snark thinks this much of is A-OK in my book. Get well soon!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

I think it's a great thoughtful gesture toward your friend. When my m-i-l was diagnosed with lymphoma, I contacted anyone I knew who had cancer or had a loved one with cancer and ask they write a thoughtful supportive note to her. I received a ton of emails, which I then printed out, rolled the pages and tied each with a pink bow.

That nitwit is just inconsiderate. It's too bad.

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous (the dumbass one),

Feedreader? You're a lazy fucking dweeb, aren't you?



HawkOwl said...

Stacy - I know! Every time I comment on EE I have to do it three or four times! What's up with that? (Actually right now it's not giving me a verification at all, but I bet that changes when I click "Publish." And the verification will be that broken-link X.)

Other than that, I'm glad there was cause for Miss Snark to remind us when this poetry thing ends, because I'm definitely looking forward to the return of normal blogging.

Anonymous said...

Whoever Bella Stander is, I wish her a speedy recovery too.

But I've been recommending this million-hit blog to everyone I know as a to-the-point, no-nonsense source of industry wisdom and professional insight.

I even put a link on my website to promote it to total strangers.

I'm now squirming with embarrassment at what they'll have been met by. "Nitwit of the Day" makes a very fair point.

none said...

I think I'd rather read the bad poetry than hear about how tough it is having feedreader disease.

I love the left-footed horse poem :D.

Anonymous said...

I know this post won't make it onto the site, but this is really just for you, anyway, Ms. Snark. If you don't want feedback on what you post, then DON'T POST. Otherwise, it's fair game.

This is pure, truculent, comic gold.

Miss Snark said...

Dear Mr. Wilson, Feel free to remove the link. In fact you should. If you feel you'll be judged by the content of this blog, you should not link to it. The content here is often mean, nasty, profane...or worse...nice, sweet, humerus (ha!) and full of hearts and flowers haiku.

Sometimes in fact the comment section will call YOU a nitwit. Avoid the humiliation. Delink NOW.

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Dear Watercress Grazing Twit,

(Now if I'd writ that in French, we'd all be shocked. I'm shocked I've written it in English! A lady does not talk that way. Bernita has corrupted me.)

Ya, you! The one asking how hard it is to combine posts. It's a lota work bub. It's not as if The Goddess of Snark, Friend of Goats and Goat Pixies, Agent Extra Ordinary, the Leaper of Tall Publishing Houses in a Single Bound, the Over-comer of evil publishers' ways doesn't have a JOB. (One wonders if you do.)

She hits the post it link. It goes up. Combining them would take time to cut and paste. You twit! You selfish little twit! Shame, shame, shame!

Say, just how little are you anyway? Maybe you’re a big twit. If you're a big one, I apologize for slighting your weightiness.

Miss Snark said...

To the anon who like "combines":
Sorry honey.
Each entry has a number for a reason.
If it bugs you, take this blog off the feedburner, delink, shrink, or whatever.

I think it's hilarious that all you see is your inconvenience. You didn't step back and say "why is Miss Snark doing this" and come up with some possible reasons; or ...tadaa...ASK why.

Read any Lewis Carrol lately?
Feeling ..royal?

Deborah Hern said...

Dear Nitwit of the Day,
So, your biggest problem today is too much stuff coming through your Feedreader?? No. Your biggest problem is your lack of human decency and inability to see anything except in terms of how it affects you.

Now I'm sad for you
Maybe I write you haiku
No, prat not worth it.

Kim said...

Sha'el - o' wise princess of pixies, you are my hero!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I'm puzzled -- again. So, before I jump to conclusions, let me ask:

Dear J. L. Wilson, why do you use your full name? Why not Jimmy Wilson or James Wilson, or must JLW?

I'm just wondering. I have middle names to spare and a first name I never use. The exact truth is my name is too long to write, and I wear out before I finish. But, tell me about you. What compels you to use the entire name thingie?

Satiate my curiosity. I won't promise never to make fun of your answer. I suppose that's fair warning. But, right now, I'm too curious to plot.

Yours most curiously,

Victoria Louisa Gabriella Henriette Rachael Michelle Elizabeth d'Orléans - de Vienne S.

You call me Vicky and you're toast!

none said...

But Vicky...I like toast!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

"Well, mistress, I could have told you, you can't trust squirrels. They're all nuts."--Bill E. Goat

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark, I am awed again and again by your ability to put the boot to those poor souls saddled with wit of the nit persuasion.

What do these mewling wussies think this blog is all about, anyway? Publishing, sure, but it's also about biting life on the a**, including pulling an extravagant, loopy, laugh-a-rama stunt just to make an old friend laugh.

Which is exactly why Miss Snark is and always will be both Queen of All She Surveys AND She Who Must Be Obeyed.

McKoala said...

It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Oh for crying out loud! 80 comments? Who has the freaking time? Just tell the putz to shut the fuck up and let's get on with our day, huh?

Anonymous said...

I just got Dave's comment. (OK so I'm a little slow today).

And having scared the other occupants of this office with my coyote yelps of delight, I can only say, Dave, you are a god. And I wish Miss Stander the very best and a swift and pain-free recovery.

Miss Snark sought to cheer up Ms Stander
The results they could hardly be grander
Moany nitwits begone
You make us all yawn
To your egos the Snark will not pander

Word verif: efoxx. Nice.

Anonymous said...

While the original nitwit was clearly inappropriate, the viewpoint wasn't neccesarily as out there as it seems:

On some blogging communities (livejournal f'r instance) it is often considered rude to 'flood' (post unusually many times in a short period about one topic). The rational behind this is that many people read the posts from their own blog (friends list) rather than from the original bloggers site, and a 'flood' drowns (yes, I just had to use the term) any posts from other bloggers. It's seen as somewhat equivalent to shouting out everyone else's conversations at a party.

ON (original nitwit) simply doesn't realise that a feedreader doesn't make this a party with Miss Snark in attendence; a feedreader is more like a radio he's playing in his living room. If he doesn't like the volume, he is free to switch it off.

Miss Snark said...

if the Nitwit had said "Dear Miss Snark, I wonder if you know that posting 42 pieces of poetry in 24 hours floods the feed reader"; or "Dear Miss Snark, In some blogging communities posting a lot in a short period of time is considered a breach of etiquette", my response might have been MUCH different.

As it happens, I didn't know about flooding the feed, and before we do another contest or crapometer I plan to post a warning to anyone who wants to unplug for the duration.

It's amazing what you can achieve merely by asking nicely.

KY learned that without too much trouble. Some people just aren't as smart (or well dressed) as he is.

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say that the bad spelling and typos in my post are not indicative of the Canadian education system, just a lousy typist. ;)