Penny Ante shenanigans

Miss Snark,

I am a successful Wardrobe Consultant. Along with my private clients, I have written fashion articles for various FL publications.

I came up with an idea to write a series of fashion books. Agent X liked my query letter and asked for a proposal. I used Michael Larson's "How to Write a Book Proposal as a guide."

I recently rec'd it back with edits and suggestions. Mostly my writing was not critiqued - just the proposal structure. After speaking with Agent X; the agent interested, she said she is still interested but wants my proposal to follow their own guidelines. She said she's not a fan of Michael Larson. For $30 they will send me a copy of a proposal they sold. She said if she wasn't interested, she wouldn't have taken the time to ask for the proposal and taken the time to speak to me. What is your opinion?

$30 huh?
What a crock of shit.

Agents who ask you to buy things aren't agents. They are retailers.
There's a big difference.


Anonymous said...

How about requiring novelists to subscribe to the Agency's literary jornal before submitting a query?

Major crock of shit if you ask me!

MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Ooh, I think I have heard about this agent. Is she in Texas? A friend of mine had interest from an agent (can't remember the name, but pretty sure she was in Texas) and the agent suggested my friend use her Editor to revise her story, and to pay this editor for the work she would do on my friend's ms. Crock.

none said...

Get over it, anon! Move on :D.

Talking about crocks of shit, how's about this contest?

Anonymous said...

I know your agent X. Got the exact same spiel last winter. I paid the $30, being stupid at the time and going on client recommendations that agent X was reputable (acutally, all the recs. were about her husband but I figured, same agency, same ethics, right? Well, after several revisions were passed back and forth -- never anything about the writing, always the structure (which kept changing and even deviating from the fabulousness that I paid $30 for) -- a comment finally appeared that my writing needed work and she could refer me to someone to help. I ran away, quickly. While I regret the $30, I choose to chalk it up as a lesson learned.

Dave Kuzminski said...

Whisper their names to me at prededitors@att.net . You'll be glad you did. ;)

WardrobeMaven said...

Thanks for all the comments and saving me $30 and the angst of spinning my wheels with a less than honest agent. BTW, the agency is in MA.