Rx for your Crapometer stress levels

Dear Miss Snark,

When do you anticipate that the carpometer will start?

I want to submit 15 seconds after the start time, or maybe earlier.

Thanks, a VERY devoted follower

I'm pretty sure I mentioned this before but perhaps you were busy buying gifts for your favorite Snark Supplier.

The crapometer is somewhere around the end of NEXT WEEK which is also the END OF AUGUST, which is also a big fat holiday weekend (get the idea??).

I will tell you when it opens. I will tell you in advance, like 24 hours ahead.
The "window" is twelve hours.

Got it?

Quit fretting. It disturbs Miss Snark's wa.


B. Dagger Lee said...

Wet heat and questions
pluck Miss Snark’s silk wafuku.
Chill, patience is key.

yrs, B.D.L.

Manic Mom said...

The "carpometer?" What's he doing, submitting a fish!?!?

Bob said...

You failed to suggest your devoted fan wait perhaps 5 mins into the crapometer, and take the extra 4 mins and 45 seconds to proof read their submission to the "carpometer" for typos ONE MORE TIME!

McKoala said...

'carpometer' - love it! Maybe something to think about. The number of submissions would reduce dramatically if they had to all have something to do with fish.

BradyDale said...

What's a wa? Wikipedia let me down on that one.

Miss Snark said...

wa is the Japanese word for inner peace, or inner harmony.