Series of article on publishing

Dear Miss Snark,

As always, love your blog. :-)

I ran across a link on SF Signal (who got it from a link at Wyrdsmiths) to a series of articles about publishing...

..(some of it SF-oriented, but mostly not) that I thought maybe the snarklings would find interesting/useful, to supplement your wonderful inside-the-agent's-head, etc. blog. There are seven articles so far, and I believe more are forthcoming.

Yup, this is good stuff. Very nicely written and accurate.


Anonymous said...

This snarkling greatly appreciates the links.

Anonymous said...

In the manuscript submission section swordsmith says to include my social security number? For a submission? This seems more appropriate for details on the contract just prior to signing on the dotted line - ?

Adrian McCarthy said...

Thanks for the link. Lots of good stuff.

Interestingly, here and there, Swordsmith contradicts Miss Snark, like when he says:

"Be sure and include credits and any special expertise. Professional credits are best, but non-paid credits count, too. If you've written a long, well-received series on Kos, say so. Ditto for a weekly column at a local newspaper, or an academic article on the same subject as the book. If it's a thriller about neurosurgery and you're a neurosurgeon, say so. While it's important not to oversell yourself, it's just as important not to undersell yourself."

I guess it's good to remind ourselves that intelligent people may hold contradictory opinions.