Shut up, Mel

Dear Mel Gibson:

Take your media frenzy like a man, and shut the fuck up.

"I am not a bigot" is eerily akin to "I am not a crook".
If you have to say it, you pretty clearly demonstrated you are.

And Mel, ye of little faith, try to remember: Jesus was a Jew.
Not just sort of either. An observant Jew. And Mary, mother of God, full of grace, hallowed be her name?

Jewish woman.
Jewish mother.

You're not the first Catholic to forget this.
Maybe you can be the last.
Meanwhile, shut up.


Anonymous said...

Lol - the man wasn't even that drunk (.12) KY has to get that level just to wake up in the morning!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Waht is it with these hot men going loony.
Mel Gibson and a Dui.
Tom Cruise and Suri, et al.
Brad Pitt and Namibia.
If Tom Hanks leaves his wife for another woman, I'm moving to Mars.

Anonymous said...

This is payback, Mel. One "edit" for another. Tsk-tsk.

Anonymous said...

Bravo and amen. Nothing annoys me more than people - usually Christians, to my shame - who say the Jews killed Jesus. We all did, and Christianity, as the Bible itself says, is grafted onto Judaism; it did not come out of nothing but was birthed and raised, as Jesus was, by Jews. The majority of founding Christians, including those who were given the grace of telling us of Christ, came out of Judaism.

Okay, I'm preaching again. But it does annoy me. They should read, really read, the Bible, not just listen to it being interpreted by other humans.


Gina Black said...

Bravissimo!!! So well said, Miss Snark!! (As you always do.)

Mel stuck his foot into it big time (apparently a place his foot has been for quite a while, but mainly in private). I hope he never eats lunch with anyone in this town again. There are some things you just can't apologize for and have it work. Sometimes you have to do the hard work and actually make amends. I'm waiting...

Anonymous said...

I remember making a total ass of myself once when I was drunk. I crawled away in shame, and never attempted to back up, apologize or explain. (However, I did, totally stop drinking.) After ten years, no one seems to remember the incident. I think Mel is trying too hard. You're right - he should just shut up.

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson is Catholic like Bin Laden is Muslim. Both are fanatics that have been rejected by the mainstream religions they purport to represent.

Gibson and his father practice an antiquated and radical version of Catholicism that is not recognized by the Catholic Church today.

I sincerely hope the public takes Gibson's insincere apology with a grain of salt. Likewise, I hope they don't season all Catholics with the same shaker.

Anonymous said...

Kinda like a Greek tragedy for our age, guy who has everything, talent, fame, money, power, position -- and no functional common sense.

Then again, he always seemed to be walking on the edge. That LETHAL WEAPON character may be very close to the reality.

There are a lot of stars now who have shared way too much of their personal lives. I don't care about Suri, I don't care about Brangelina. I don't even care about Paul & Heather. I don't want some illiterate, uneducated performer sharing his politics with me. They don't live in the same world I do.

I can't find more than a couple decent movies to go to. Perhaps the "stars" should concentrate on what they do best, rather than partying or politicking. Behaving badly in public to entertain the rest of us isn't why I want to see someone's performance.

There are a lot of bigots walking the earth. Most understand that it is not acceptable to spew venom in public for fear of being outed for the garbage they are.

Once you reach that level of power, I guess you feel you answer to no one.

To actively shun someone is not necessary. Vote with your feet, and let the marketplace take care of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Would Clooney receive the same treatment in the same circumstances on this blog? I'm not implying anything, just wondering.

Ann Aguirre said...

I'd feel the same way about anyone who acted like such a horse's ass. Mel has clearly jumped the Shark -- next stop, Hollywood Squares.

lady t said...

Mel keeps saying"I am not a bigot"-okay,but you just happen to say bigoted things and show bigoted images in your films,so is it such a surpise that folks aren't willing to take you at your word?

I saw Sarah Silverman's Jesus is Magic on DVD last night and this is a film that could help open Mel's eyes:)

Anonymous said...

Big kiss to you, Miss Snark.

Robin L. said...

What did Mel say that he's so fervently apologizing for now? I'm sure he's really not a bigot - I watched many interviews after the Passion and he was pretty clear that the Romans get off just as bad as the Jews in his movie, just like in the Bible, and was pretty clear that Jesus is a Jew. He didn't sound bigoted at all. I believe his exact words were "It was Jerusalem, there weren't any Norwegians there" meaning the good guys, the bad guys, all the same ethnicity.

How did he manage to say something so stupid that now he's apologizing all over the media? I think I'm of a mind with Miss Snark. Just be quiet... it makes it look worse.

Anonymous said...

It still shocks me. Not just Mel (dumbass), but the attitude. I remember watching School Ties and thinking, "wow, I thought it was a German thing" (I was YOUNG) so I asked my mother. Eventually she explained that some people blame the Jews for Christ's death. That was/IS one of the stupidest things I ever heard.
Outside of religious teachings, it's completely ludicrous but inside ... inside, it's hypocritical. I mean they teach that Christ died for "our" sins and then have the audacity to blame someone? It's the whole pre-ordained vs. choice thing that's always bugged the shit out of me. I think my tangent just went off course... excuse me.

Anonymous said...

No need to wonder, last Anonymous. Mr. Clooney doesn't chat nonsense. The more of his movies I see and the more he takes public positions on issues of global concern, the more respect I have for the object of Miss Snark's desire.

Anonymous said...

I really did want Gibson to issue an apology that said exactly what he did--rather than the old "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" (and not sorry if I didn't!). His second apology did that. Now we (and some elected officials) have a front-page example of what an apology is supposed to say. "I did this specific action, and it was wrong, and I am sorry, and I want to make amends." (Think Yom Kippur.)

Gibson didn't just "go loony." He's not comparable to Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. His breakfast reading seems to be the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and his father is a Holocaust denier. To the anonymous commenter who once made a total ass of him- or herself while drunk, I'm sure it was "forgotten" because the life you lived before & after reflects the decent person you are. But Mel Gibson was steeped in this stuff about Jews from earliest childhood, and he rejects the modern Catholic church that has made its peace with the Jews. He can't afford to shut up. He HAS to apologize.

We just don't have to buy it. Or see his movies.

Y'all might be intrigued by Patrick Goldstein's column in today's Los Angeles Times (www.latimes.com) about the initial silence of the Jewish execs who work with Gibson. You may have register to read it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 6 nailed it. I'm neither Catholic nor Jewish, but when I read about MG's drunken tirade, I was horrified.

I couldn't have been alone in thinking this sounded like a guy who'd aim a plane into a building for his beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Call me clueness and I don't live in America but - what did Mel say that he is apologizing for?

Bugwit said...

All would be forgiven if there had not been plenty of evidence that he has long thought this way.

All would be forgiven if anyone truly thought that he has suddenly changed his mind.

On a side note, it is interesting to watch the rhetorical contortions being performed by right-wing pundits. They perform the difficult feat of defending Gibson in one breath and then screaming 'anti-semite' at anyone who dares disagree with Israel's actions in Lebanon in the next.

Ollie Ollie said...

Anyone know if there's any kind of online petition I can sign to say I'll never knowingly pay for or consume any Gibson product again, or that of any director who works with him in future?

Money is a universal language.

Corn Dog said...

Gibson said, "I'm not just asking for forgiveness. I would like to take it one step further, and meet with leaders in the Jewish community, with whom I can have a one on one discussion to discern the appropriate path for healing."

Oh puh-leeze. The appropriate path for healing in your case, Mel, is detox and a psychiatrist/psychologist. Now you want to push yourself on the very people you verbally accosted. Talk about adding insult to injury. So, if you can't get over your bigotry you can always go back and blame the leaders of the Jewish community because they didn't discern YOUR "appropriate path of healing" correctly. WTF? (Virtual bitch slap here of Mel's face and then walk out of the room, slamming the door)

Anonymous said...

My religious exposure includs fundalmentalist Christianity, Catholicism and Judaism. I am sure all three would love to distance themselves from him.

Besides-the older he gets the more he looks lke Soupy Sales. I loved Soupy, but sex symbol he was not.

Sooner or later they all show that other "ain't pretty" side, don't they?

magz said...

Jesus: Jewish.
Mel Gibson: Clueless. (tho cute, and possibly trainable)
Miss Snark: Priceless!

wd verf: lpyip! (the sound of a KY agreeing!)

Anonymous said...

My favorite fallout from this is that ABC has announced that it has scrapped plans for Gibson to produce a miniseries about the Holocaust. Mmm. . . ya think?

Ann Aguirre said...

Call me clueness and I don't live in America but - what did Mel say that he is apologizing for?

He was stopped and got a DUI. In the course of the matter, he flipped out, made lewd remarks to a female cop on scene (including calling her "sugar tits"), threatened to ruin another cop's career ("I own Malibu, you motherfucker and I will spend all my money getting even with you."), and then starting raving with anti-Semitic remarks: "Fucking Jews, jews are respsonible for all the wars in the world..."

They sanitized the official report because it was feared it was too incendiary, but somebody leaked the original. Imagine that. I bet there were $$$ involved.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, a lot of hostility here. I'm sorry to have participated. People don't always say what they mean when they're drunk, or even when they're sober. I don't want to hang the man in effigy or in reality, or even eschew everything he says and does for the next twenty years. I just want him to ponder "habit-thinking", as in "clean up your thoughts before they slip out of your mouth when you're not watching." (And read his Bible, of course.) We all should - including me. We all have our nasty, low and hopefully secret thoughts we need to toss.

Anonymous said...

Besides-the older he gets the more he looks lke Soupy Sales. I loved Soupy, but sex symbol he was not.

OMG-we are so old.

And that is so accurate!

Dhewco said...

For Christians (those of you that are), you guys are so judgemental. I've never seen 'Passion', and probably never will. I haven't heard the comments he made while drunk.

Christ was all about forgiveness and turning the other cheek. He apologized, but you'd rather remain angry and continue to insult the man.

How can a man move on, if even his fellow Christians won't allow him? Forgive him, until he does it again...which could happen, but by no means is that a sure thing. People can have a change of heart . . . even after decades of indoctrination at Daddy's feet. Not likely, but you're not psychic and you're not Mel...so give the man the benefit of the doubt and forgive him.


mahukey said...

I thought this was a free country? Am I wrong? Do we live in some Orwillian twilight, where free speech is just a catch phrase for tow the party line or else?
I don't like what Gibson said. I think he was drunk and making an ass of himself which he does often when he drinks.
But I don't think he needs to be strung up and hung because he expressed himself in less than glowing words.
This is a country that once prided itself on the first amendment, which to me has meant we respect peoples right to speak there mind, even if it offends and disgusts us.
I don't like Neo-nazi, skinheads, or the like, but I respect the fact they have a right to there opinion. It just so happens I think they are sick and twisted but they are free in this country to express there beliefs about people they don't like.
We cannot continue to kiss the ass of people who have been mistreated in the past. Because that becomes censorship, which is what we didn't want this nation to have in the first place!
I'm sorry the Jews are treated badly, I'm sorry the Native Americans were murdered, raped and robbed of there land, I'm sorry blacks were slaves, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. So when can we stop apologizing?
400 -1000-10,000 years from now?
Life goes on. Some people learn to treat others better, some people don't. We have to take the lessons of our past, and apply them to our daily lives today.
Gibson was an ass-people are dying for saying shit like that in other countries. Do we want that to happen here, in America?

Anonymous said...

I suggest he go back to Aussie-Land for a minimum of two years, get detoxed, stay off the radar, and if he wants back into movies stick to being a producer.

No one trusts him now. The big hero shot himself in the foot...while it was in his mouth.

Overheard: "I'm not readin' no new kinda Bible! The King James Version was good enuf fer John the Baptist an' that makes it good enuf for ME!"

Anonymous said...

Soupy Sales!

Oh, what a great laugh you gave me, barbjn! It's an uncanny likeness. I can't believe it never occurred to me before.

Okay, kids: open your mommies' purses, pull out the green rectangular papers and send them to Mel Gibson's Public Relations Fund!

Bugwit said...

mahukey (if that is your real name):

First, this is a writers’ blog, so I'll borrow Miss Snark's clue gun for a second: 'Their' is the word you are searching for when you are using the possessive form of 'they'.

Second, hate speech may be free speech, but that does not protect it from opposition. Gibson is free to make all the Jew-hating speeches he likes and I am free to contradict him and boycott his movies.

Third, if you are truly sorry about all the atrocities committed against Jews, African-Americans, Native Americans and others, then you might want to spend more time working against the beliefs and behaviors that lead to that sort of thing and less time defending them.

Anonymous said...

Well, you've now rejected two of my comments regarding this idiot--can we set the all-time record and make it three in a row for one post? Or is this one going to slip by the censor?

Kathleen Bolton said...

Sux when handsome men show how dumb they are. In public.

Anonymous said...

Oh, leave off the man. Snark and hr snarklings make a bigger ass of themselves everyday than Mel has.

MichaelPH said...

Well put Bugwit (and I know that's not your real name!)
What makes the Gibson-gate so ridiculous is that the officer is actually Jewish. Amazing.
Mel: Are you a Jew?
Officer: Uh, yeah.

Anonymous said...

Barbj wrote: "nothing annoys me more than people - usually Christians, to my shame - who say the Jews killed Jesus. We all did."

I beg to differ.

"WASN'T ME. I never touched that dude, officer. He was dead when I got here. Frankincense?"

Also, I just read that if you play Lethal Weapon backwards on your DVD player, you can hear JOE PESCI.

Lighten up folks, let he who hath not gotten mad drunk and blamed all the world's problems on the Jews cast the first stone. Or is that just me and Mel?

Lastly, I am an orthodox Jew so when things go wrong in my world, I do blame the Jews. Starting with me and working my way down to uncle Ira.

"It was you, Ira. It was you. That night you came into the synagogue and said: 'Rabbi, it's not your night.' Not my night?!!!"

Ok. I'm gonna go and have my medication adjusted now. Shalom and God speed.

Kanani said...

There are many issues here. His remarks are at the top, but also the fact that for years "the biz" has kept their mouths shut about it even though a high number within the industry are Jewish.

Can you image the NBA showing such tolerance if someone came out and said things about African Americans? Or the corporations if someone said something like that about women? There's been a lot of tolerance for his mindset within the biz. Given the rumors about his anti-semitism that leaked out during the filming and review of the script for "The Passion" that it isn't surprising that he felt free to say it.

The other issue is that rather than treating it like they would any other arrest, the sheriff's department decided to change the original report. This should alarm anyone. Think of what they might do if you, Joe Blow, were arrested. They could doctor it up any way they wanted and you might be convicted for charges way more serious than what you did.

People say and think stupid things all the time. Mel isn't exempt from this. But that he's a major player in the biz, who makes millions upon millions in the biz and works alongside, employs and profits from the very people he has scorned, shows a certain lack of respect.

Without the biz, he'd be just another yabbo down in Adelaide moving bricks.

Pixel Faerie said...

Personally, don't care one wit. I do like his movies. Like other actors, I don't care about his personally life or what he thinks, etc.

I'm just tired of the media talking about it. As if something someone said is more important than a missing kid or wars.

Tonight, they had someone on the news 'getting drunk' trying to demonstrate a point concering 'Mel'. Do they have nothing better to do?

Sorry to rant. ;)

the mystic said...

Yes! Mel makes me embarrassed to admit I'm a (very bad) Catholic. And his apology? I mean, what's the point? It's always been speculated that he's anti-semitic, but I never wanted to believe it true. Just horrifying.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party. Here are my comments:

Stereotypes and bigotry. They blend in to each other.

I was with you, Miss Snark, up until your comment about first and last Catholics. Just another stereotype. Not pretty.

Mel didn't say anti-Semitic comments because he's Catholic. He said them because he's bigoted.

But somehow we tend to answer prejudice with prejudice. And the cycle never ends. Makes me sad.

P.H. said...

Well said.

Janny said...

Actually, this post should have been closed for comments...or postscripted "Shut up, Snarklings." I've never heard so many sheep bleating the same tune in my life. And, like so many sheep--or maybe parrots?--most of them said the same tired and (and for the most part unfounded) things over and over. Shame on us.

Lemme get this straight, then, just for the record.

Mel Gibson, drunk as a skunk, says some bigoted things. Yeah, none of us has ever done THAT.

Mel Gibson, because he was raised by a delusional parent, is responsible not only for his own beliefs but should have corrected his parent's. Yeah, like any of us could have done THAT with our own parents.

Mel Gibson declines to sanitize Scriptural accounts of the Crucifixion--in which the Jews themselves take the responsibility--and that makes him a bigot.

But Dan Brown can write a novel in which he makes up history, declines to use authentic primary sources, and slanders not only Opus Dei but the Catholic Church at large, not to mention Christianity...and he's "only written a novel" that doesn't hurt anybody.

Yeah, right. If Brown had put DaVinci's code in as an indication that the Jewish people were a power-mad, corrupt, sinister cloak-and-dagger organization that would stop at nothing to suppress "truth"...that novel not only wouldn't be a best seller, it would have been pulled from the shelves.

Unfortunately, nowadays, it truly does seem to depend on whose ox is being gored.

Like I said, shame on all of us for putting up with it.


Anonymous said...

I see plenty of bigotry here. Calling Mel a bigot and sounding like bigots yourselves. -JTC

By the way. No one killed Jesus. He gave his own life. That is the point.

archer said...

Besides-the older he gets the more he looks lke Soupy Sales.

Hey, that's mean!

I didn't know Gibson said "Well, there weren't any Norweigians there." If he said that, it roots his antisemitism firmly in the German tradition: Racially pure Nordic supermen vs. little swarthy handrubbing cultural parasites with big hooked noses.

Kim said...

I have to admit, I also think that if someone went on an anti-Catholic tirade, no one would raise an eyebrow. Apparently bigotry only works one way.

There is something else that troubles me about the whole incident and it seems like it's been completely overlooked...

He was drunk.
He was driving.
He could have killed someone!

Now, maybe .12 wasn't enough to make him see double, but what if it was??? And what if he'd met someone on that road, even at 2 in the morning? Which is worse? It's frightening to think that political correctness has become more important than anything else. I don't really give a damn what he thinks about anything. I don't form my opinions or ideals by basing them on what some ACTOR thinks? No rational person would. Is it just me, or does anyone else smell something burning? Maybe I should go get my fiddle?

Anonymous said...

Do I need to preface my comments with a bunch of qualifiers? Oh, heck, why not? I need the keyboard practice.

I'm not Jewish. My nearest Jewish ancestor was a woman named Rebecca. She was the mistress of some archbishop or other way back in the mid 1200s. I'm not Catholic, though some of my family are, and the family contributed two popes. (Honest, I'm not making any of this wild stuff up!)

I practice Christianity similarly to John Locke (see his Reasonableness of Christianity), William Whiston, Samuel Clarke, and others about whom no one thinks but me. (Well, almost no one.)

I find mindless, insulting, generalizations offensive. I don't care toward whom they're directed; they're bad. Mean. Nasty. Kah Kah.

I don't accept his apology. I think he spoke his perverted, dirty, thought-free mind. I want to see some actions the bespeak "real repentance."

Christians are irritating, usually Christian in name but not deed, and often as cruel persecutors as were those who persecuted them. Stop it!

Thank you for allowing me to have a quiet temper tantrum. I'm now done.

I’m posting this under my name, instead of my blogspot identity. Pixies think most humans are pretty odd and a tad nasty. I’m focusing on his behaviour in a way differently that Sha’el would. She would say describe his twisted face, his glazed eyes, the spray of spit, and say, “He smelled of black mold of the sort that infects men’s minds and twists their behaviour.”

Anonymous said...

Oh, Janny (no Bonnie Baker here), now you are the royal censor??? Understand this--Gibson, not John, has $$$(non-Jewish, we can presume), power, and total visibility. He deserves unrelenting post-holocaust, post-Inquisition, and post-Eastern Euopean pogrom scorn.

His daddy-o must be another lush piece 'work. Father Coughlin country, no doubt.

And while we're all rambling, I read a book years ago, DAILY LIFE AT THE TIME OF JESUS, in which the non-Jewish author postulated that 90% of all Jews lived OUTSIDE of Palestine at the time of the Crucifixion. Those there supposedly also killed one who cannot be killed if divine. Logic city, dudes.

Oh, by the way, has anyone solved the mystery the exchange for BARABBAS (literally son of the father)???


One last wake-up call--If Jews are sly, cunning, and cheap, what about Scots are thrify, canny, and shrewd Yankee horse traders?

And read Mencken's diatribe vs. Celts as opposed to noble Teutons.

Anonymous said...

Kim wrote: "I have to admit, I also think that if someone went on an anti-Catholic tirade, no one would raise an eyebrow."

Hmmm, let's see... has anyone gone on a viscious rampage against Catholics, killing 2/3 of the entire world population of them within living memory?

The problem with most people is that they have no sense of history. They live in the moment, shaped by all the years of the past, with no more understanding than a bug floating down a river.

There was a time when people said anti-semitic things, and were never questioned. When intelligent, famous, powerful cultural and political leaders said the kinds of things Mel said, only while sober. And then those people murdered 2/3 of the world's population of Jews in a few years.

So maybe, just maybe, Jews can be forgiven for being a little sensitive to people in high places spouting anti-semitism. Because there are still people alive today who remember what happened the last time.

Maybe somebody should load the clue-gun with "20th century history."

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

ha! I really do need keyboard practice. O the typos! I should never post in the heat of intellectual passion. (Hey! I never post in the heat of that other kind of passion. I'm way to busy to post then.)

Anonymous said...

This is a country that once prided itself on the first amendment, which to me has meant we respect peoples right to speak there mind, even if it offends and disgusts us.

Mahukey, I think you're missing a point that a lot of people miss. The right to free speech does not mean that you will not be roundly and publicly criticized for what you say when you exercise that right. It does not mean freedom from being ostracized. All it means is that you won't be put in jail for saying it. Everyone has the same free speech right to tell you you're a jackass for saying it.

I'm not sure where people got the idea that "free speech" means that there will be no consequences to your decision to speak. The First Amendment protects you from government action against you for the content of your speech (with a very few clear exceptions -- e.g., yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater) The First Amendment does not protect you from being despised by people for what you say.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple.

1) DUI is very ugly.
Mel can afford a driver if he wants to drink.
But he didn't bother.

Good thing he didn't kill anyone.
(As a California driver I will add that he must have seemed pretty damn imparied to actally be stopped, whatever his blood level was.)

2) Doctoring the police report is very, very ugly.
I guess Mel can afford that too.
And did bother.

Good thing someone leaked it, racist (hey, and sexist) insults and all.
And most particularly the threats.
Which are really interesting, given the editing of the report.
Hey, where will this officer be working next year, anyway?

3) Why do people care?
Well. sanctimonious religiousity tends to raise peoples' hackles.
When you've rather suspected the existence of feet of clay, it's interesting to actually see them.

And, no,

4) I've never spewed racist swill when intoxicated,
(You are more likely to get off-key Beatles' songs -- I don't claim that's a pleasant sight either, just less likely to be personally offensive to others.)

And never driven intoxicated.

I suspect a quick poll here would show this also true for a majority of us.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 -- maybe you don't think a blood level of .12 amounts to much, but this guy was pushing 90mph and he wasn't on the freeway.

(News report claim he clocked in at 87mph in a 45 mph zone -- that's not pretty.)

He also had an open bottle of tequila in the car -- so if they hadn't caught him when they did who can say where the ride would have ended up.

Anonymous said...

"Besides-the older he gets the more he looks lke Soupy Sales.

Hey, that's mean!"

Only if you didn't like Soupy. I adored him. OMG, I really am old (but I wasn't then).

The former Protestant and Catholic and present Jew in me says, "mea culpa" for sounding mean about Mel.

But I actually do think Soupy Sales was great. He didn't take himself, or anything else for that matter, too seriously. Unlike Mr. Gibson (and that Cruise kid), who takes himself way too seriously. I want to say,"Get over yourself already."

Honestly, Gibson should really aspire to more like S.S. now that he is turning into a dead ringer (especially check out "Conspiracy Theory" with that darn knit hat). I think it would make him far more likeable again.

With best wishes to White Fang and Black Tooth, whom I think KY would have been crazy about.

Kim said...

I do have a sense of history and as far as I recall, Mel Gibson was NOT responsible for the deaths of 2/3 of the Jewish population. And while that might make those of the Jewish faith more sensitive, that does not give the right to bash anyone else's religion. Bigotry is bigotry, no matter the bigot's color, race, creed, or orientation, and it should never be condoned. I just don't think it is up to me to give forgiveness. I don't know what is in Mel's heart and neither does anyone but Mel and God (or whomever you worship.)

And I also think it is just as big a deal that he drunk and driving. My entire point was that it was just as serious and yet, no one seems at all troubled by it.

It is pretty presumptuous to assume that just because someone doesn't agree with demanding his head on a stick that they don't 'get it' or they need a poke with the clue gun.

Gregory Brett Hardy said...

I was watching the news and saw the Gibson thing and just thought to myself, who cares, really?

War in the Middle East, George Bush still in power in the States, rising fuel prices all over the world, John Howard rising interest rates again in Australia...

There are more important threats to 'world peace' than Mel Gibson. Relax people, he's only a celebrity.

Anonymous said...

Kim wrote: "I have to admit, I also think that if someone went on an anti-Catholic tirade, no one would raise an eyebrow."

Hmmm, let's see... has anyone gone on a viscious rampage against Catholics, killing 2/3 of the entire world population of them within living memory?

What does that have to do with anything? That doesn't make it even one whit better to be an anti-Catholic bigot than to be an anti-Jewish bigot.

As far as I'm concerned, the lesson to be learned from the Holocaust is NOT 'It is a hideous thing to be an anti-Semite, and it can lead to unimaginable crimes against humanity.' To believe that that's the real lesson is to learn precisely nothing.

The lesson is: 'It is a hideous thing to be a bigot, and it can lead to unimaginable crimes against humanity.' This applies EQUALLY whether the object of that bigotry is Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, homosexuals, women, men, any group you care to name. As long as people narrow down that message to make it apply only to one group, the possibility of an equally horrific genocide against another group remains unchanged.

I'm another one who thinks it's vomit-inducing that bigotry against certain groups is considered perfectly OK, while bigotry against other groups is considered unspeakably hideous. ANY form of bigotry is unspeakably hideous and dangerous.

Including, to get back on topic, Mel's. And sure, he has the sacrosanct right to say it if he wants, yada yada yada. I also have the right to say that I think he's a total wanker.

Anonymous said...

Gregory Brett Hardy, you pretty well nailed it. All the serious issues to contend with and people are wasting sweat over a drunken actor mouthing off?

And I thought this was a writing blog anyway? I just laugh everytime I watch Miss Snark do this - followed by the pack breaking into full cry.