Six Figure Roundup: What you like the Most

The Wit, the Wisdom and the Camaraderie among writers who visit the blog on a regular basis

It's not predictable





Your sense of humor, your no nonsense advice about navigating the industry and the scathing way you cut down nitwits. Clever, and Fabulous (when you're wearing your stilettos)

That I'm learning from it, slowly but surely. I'd like to write a book someday, and could always benefit from the information.

Miss Snark's honest levelheaded approach combined with her sense of humor.

You recommended an agent, I queried her, I signed with her and two months after signing our contract we are but breaths away from signing a contract with a very good publisher!

Best publishing info on the web (plus a side of Beowulf.)

That it's so snarky, it begets a new definition for the term.

References to Killer Yap & George Clooney. Poodles in pink tams and handsome men with big brown eyes - there has to be a poem in there someplace.

Your snarky humor

The 'for dogs sake be reasonable' attitude.

Ridicule meted out to those who deserve it.

Pure unadulterated entertainment value

* What I like best about the blog: The snuseths (snarky, useful truths)

When Miss Snark's frosty heart thaws and dribbles rivulets of hope to thirsty newbies and wannabees.

Your humorous conveyance of information with a take-no-prisoners attitude

Why dear Miss Snark, it's you (not to mention the references to gin). You have a wonderful site that I pore over daily for advice, laughter and good, old-fashioned honesty. Your blog, along with The Writers Almanac are the first things I read each day before I begin my work. It's the best way I know to start a day.

The vast wealth of immensely useful material for wannabe writers here.

The precision skewering of the self-obsessed.


One, I absolutely love your wit! I'm a Midwestern girl who moved to Philly to marry an East Coast guy, and East Coast people still make my jaw drop at the way they just say it like they see it. What a breath of fresh air. It's a wonderful quality I wish I had.

Two, you have a wonderful "voice." Your writing conveys a smart, funny, good-hearted person. When I visit the blog, I feel like I'm sitting down with a friend, or at least someone with the qualities I like in a friend. You feel accessible, even if you make the point that you're not, and you provide clear, accessible and professional information.

Three, I value reality checks like the Snarkism above (which I printed, clipped and have fixed on the side of my file cabinet where I can see it while writing). It's helpful to people like me, who have confidence problems, to get hit upside the head with good advice from time to time.

What I like best about the site is your focus and commitmentt to the art form of writing. Where oh where can so many gather so much so easily!!!

What I like best about this blog is finding out that there are SANE rules and guidelines in agenting and publishing, that it's not a con, and not who you know, but about merit

I like finding out the rules, and knowing that when the time comes, I can dress my little manuscript up in neat, clean, and simple clothes, teach it some manners, and send it out into the world; I like knowing it doesn't have to have expensive clothes or shoes, because eventually a perspicacious, highly professional agent like Miss Snark will put her reading glasses on and look down at it with a shrewd eye and an open heart full of hope and see its quality and merit. I feel immensely relieved and reassured. Thank you.

Your honesty and willingness to admit your own occasionall nitwittery. Marks you as a genuine pro who is forever learning and growing. Very cool.

Your quick replies; your pithy answers; your respect for the readers.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add that you keep reminding writers who long to be published that bottom line is to write exceptionally well.

Lee Bemrose said...

Over a million in 12 months. Holy carp.

Love the roundup. It covers everything perfectly. I'm not even looking for an agent and I live a long way from New York, but I still find Miss Snark so addictive (snarkotic?) that I tune in almost daily.

WannabeMe said...

"You recommended an agent, I queried her, I signed with her and two months after signing our contract we are but breaths away from signing a contract with a very good publisher!"

Whoa. I didn't know this was a service here on the Snarkforum. Shall I send you an email requesting a recommendation? (I promise I'll turn off the auto-responder)

MichaelPH said...

I really want to get published! In my humble opinion getting published should be hard...writers should suffer until we get it right.

I've only been reading this fabulous blog for a month and I really like the feeling of being on the inside of the industry. I want the inside scoop on the biz. Thank you Miss Snark!

Inez said...

Damn! I forgot to enter!
Favorite thing: why, Mlle Snarque herself.
Least favorite thing:
Those hours where I hit refresh--
and yet nothing new appears.
(Ah well, Mlle. Snarque needs a few hours to water KY and stalk GC)

Anonymous said...

oh veh.... such self love on a grand scale.

HawkOwl said...

The word "snarkasm."

Bernita said...

Miss Snark Dear, many times you have been like a warm hand clasping ours in a cold dark night.

archer said...

You're a rock star. We love you. (And incidentally, I am a cynical guy who hasn't been a fan of anyone since the Beatles.)

Anonymous said...

I'd walk a million miles for one of your similes.

Anonymous said...

"Miss Snark Dear, many times you have been like a warm hand clasping ours in a cold dark night."

Was that Miss Snark?

And here I thought the hub had been into those damn blue pills again.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Beowulf -- just saw the live production at Lincoln Center in the LaGuaradia Theater in New York. Fantastic!! He made Beowulf come alive in the 21st Century!!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to enter, but I drink a pail of virtual Gin (has to be virtual; I'm a Vodka gal myself) to toast Miss Snark and my French bull dog is chewing her rawhide to celebrate KY!

Thank you for making a tough business fun to read and dream about.

Ken Boy said...

I was away for a few days and missed the millionth.

Well done, Miss S.

If that cold front ever makes it to hell and I actually get published, much of the credit will go to this blog's host and commenters. And it's so tasty, too.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Have I mentioned recently how much I heart you, Miss Snark.

Anonymous said...

Favorite Thing: Snark's tough love. Mother Snark, prepares the snarklings for the real world. And then she tosses them out the nest when they're ready to fly.

Georgia Girl

Kanani said...

I like that Miss Snark never replies, which is an indication of her superstar status.

Next stop: a pad in The Dakotas or The Beresford, postings from her summer homes on Lake Como and Prague because the Hamptons are so last year. She'll wear Jil Sander in winter, Versace in Summer, and Valentino to the Oscars. She and George will have beautiful children.

Ralph said...

Late again to the party, but still I pile on. (I prefer my metaphors mixed, not stirred.)

Rock on, Miss Snark.

It's all about the shoes -- the ones the other person is wearing. I love everyone here, although the people wondering how to deal with multiple offers make me twitch a little.