Six Figure Roundup: Your Favorite Nitwits

1. My favorite Nitwit of the Day: I adore most of them; they're so charmingly naive and I have to believe that most of the snarklings remember a time -- not that long ago -- when they too would have qualified as nitwit of the day.

2. Career nitwit 02.02.06

3. Your favorite nitwit of the day: "I have this manuscript/book/bit of writting geniuz sure to change teh world!, and I was wondering if you'd take a look at it! Where should I send my query letter or first few pages?"

4. I'd like to nominate this for best Nitwit of the Day, from the 01/04/06

5. mainly to see if she gets pissed off about winning 5 - 30 - 06

6. Favorite nitwit: John Updike
Mr. Updike's nitwittery actually got me thinking about my own views on blogging. Some of the comments, also, made their points in ways that deflated his opinion while making me laugh.

7. favorite nitwit of the day: ME!

8. There are simply too many to mention. But I suppose it would have to be all the nitwits who actually e-mail Miss Snark with queries.

9. Favorite Nitwit of the Day/Week/Year: Barbara Bauer (Please, how can she not win this prestigious honor??)

10. MP (from 31 January 2006)

11. I chose this one because it reminds me of my mother who, with her 88-year-old arthritic hands, still blacks out her name & address on her junk mail: "First, when you hear about people prowling through the trash for "things of value" I assure you that your manuscript isn't even in their Top 100 list. They are looking first and foremost for SSNs, bank account info and proprietary info."

12. The guy who insulted your blog and asked why he hasn't heard back from the agent who he sent his unsolicited manuscript. Your reply was terrific. Can't remember the date of the blog. I searched to no avail.

Ballpoint Wren is a VERY handy resource.
She found it.


Dragonet2 said...

RE: #11 -- when everything was typed (long ago in the dark ages), I tossed every previous draft into a paper box. In a certain great amount of hubris I figured I could auction them for charity at a SF auction when I became a Famous Author. The best commitment made to that box was when my bestest black and white cat got a kidney infection and decided that was the bestest place to relieve his bladder.

Got me over it.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't even reading this blog when most of these nits posted. What a laugh-in!


Carrie said...

My keyboard is soaked -and not with gin. Sigh. I needed to laugh like that. Thanks.

The kitty comment from dragonet was pretty funny too.

Ballpoint Wren said...

Heh! Dragonet2! Nothing like a cat to set you straight.

Re: No. 12... maybe they were talking about "Alimentary My Dear Holmeys"?