Six Figure Roundup: Your Favorite Commenter

Winner: Sha'el, princess of pixies
Sha'el, princess of pixies always has a way of making me wonder if I'm experiencing a sudden side effect of some long-forgotten prescription drug. I vote for her, if only for persistence.

Sha'el, princess of pixies (because she wears her heart on her sleeve)

Runner up: Dave Kuzminski
I always read Dave Kuzminski's comments.

Must I pick favorites? I especially appreciate comments by Dave Kuzminski

Honorable mentions to:
Dwight The Troubled Teen
Victoria Straus

And entirely too many of you voted for:
Moi, only because I feel very smug this evening. I also like to read comments from people I know or see on other blogs. Obviously I have far too much free time on my hands.

Me. It's not at all that I don't really pay attention to the usual commenters, as I'm coming from the lj feed and such.

me, of course but then I suppose I should give kudos to all the N.O.T.D.s who actually post and take the bullet for me.

A LOT of votes for:
Well in all fairness it would have to be anonymous (Ha Ha)
Anonymous usually kicks ass

Some votes for the quadrapeds:
Killer Yapp, the tamo'shantered wag with the pom pom tail

Bill E. Goat

And some folks who have a hard time with the word "chooose"
Anyone with an irreverent sense of humor who doesn't take themselves too seriously

And the surreal:
4. Your favorite commenter: I don't know the commentors. But John Madden is pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I'm famous! Oh, and my mistress thanks you too. I'm sure she does. She's still looking at her sleeve though; so I'm not too sure.

Hey Killer Yap, what would you think about Yap and Goat Agency?

HawkOwl said...

Dang. If I'd known it was a popularity contest, I'd have voted for Dwight the Troubled Teen.

none said...

Wow, a hon mensch! Thanks to everyone who voted for me :D.

Bernita said...

Thank you.
~faints dead away~

Anonymous said...

representing all Anonymous comments posted on this blog since inception, we all thank you for the your votes for "best commenter" on the blog.

However, it should now be Known and Proclaimed Throughout Snarkland that I am the single most deserving anonymous of all!

My comments have tickled your funnybone and added untold amounts of good, solid publishing information from the get-go. So please don't forget: all them other guys posting as "anonymous" are simply cowards in snarky clothing--while I am and remain the
Best Anonymous of All

Carrie said...

I would have to agree that Dave Kuzminski rocks. He's like a cyber angel for newbie writers who make easy targets. I will always be grateful.

Oh, and Victoria rocks too.

Anonymous said...

When I consider that the majority of my "clever asides" get me bitch-slapped, it is an honor to be mentioned in the anniversary edition of Miss Snark.

It's as if I am flying into a feathery nest when I come to Miss Snark's blog and nestling in among the snarklings.

Thank you Snarklings and Thank you Miss Snark.

Anonymous said...

Yay, bill e. made the list!

Anonymous said...


Spelling police, where are you?