Six Figure Roundup: Your Favorite Snarkism

Prevailing sentiment: They're all pretty snarkelicious.

I even make my beta readers use it for whenever my writing makes absolutely no sense.

Second Place:

Honorable mentions to these:

Gin pail

"Somebody Grab the Clue Gun"


As Dog is my witness

Try to avoid shooting yourself in the font if you can.

"Take your media frenzy like a man, and shut the fuck up."

Miss Snark sails off into the sunset of another Saturday night with her lorgnette, gin pail and well thumbed copy of X Rated New York.

"Quit asking me why I said no, and go find someone to say yes."

"Books are not products. Books are not sweaters or chocolates. They are not created with patterns or by following a recipe. "Books are not fungible. One book is not another, whereas one Hershey kiss is another. Books are not products. They are art." 10.15.05

And one not even written by Miss Snark, but penned by the BallPoint Wren:
When Miss Snark sips from her gin pail, she doesn't get tipsy; the gin gets Snarky.


Carrie said...

The snarky Mel Gibson comment takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

WTF is a Snarkism? Did Miss Snark also come up with LOL and invent the Internet?

Anonymous said...

My favourite: "And what exactly is a review house? Michiko Kakutani's cottage?"