Six Figures

A million and counting.
When I started this blog I was lucky to have twenty readers.
I still remember the first commenter. (Scaramouch, you clever thing)
And the friends who linked to me. (Ron, Sarah, Maud, Michael Cader)

And you.

I am honored by your readership.

I've learned some amazing things from you (mostly about punctuation and parenthesis, not that I'll ever apply it).

I've become a better agent because of what you tell me.

I've been able to help some of you in very specific ways, and you've been generous enough to tell me.

And oh man, you've made me laugh.

Thank you just doesn't begin to say it but it's the only phrase I've got.

Thanks...1,000,999 times at 3:51 pm!!


Anonymous said...

Miss Snark:

Congratulations! Before you know it, the count will be up 2 million.

I have received a priceless education on the world of publishing, agents, and clients. Honestly don't know what I would do without you. I'm sure that in the coming years, the name of Miss Snark will be acknowledged many times by authors yet to be published.

It's an honor to call myself a devoted snarkling.

anh said...

Congratulations Miss Snark!

I'm a relatively new reader of your site but the information has been invaluable. I just wish I had time to read all of the archives. I have been known to devour days of them at a time...

Anonymous said...


Thank YOU!

You've made me more savvy and you've made me laugh.

Hoist a gin and smooch Killer Yapp for me!

Feisty said...

Congrats, Miss Snark. You are an endless source of laughter and I always check your blog first thing in the morning to get my day started right.

I look forward to the results of your poll. Let 'em rip!

Anonymous said...

Glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark. It's been an informative pleasure checking in with you and your friends every day. And I mean every day. I really should get back to writing - but I'll manage to make time for both.

Anonymous said...

Yanno, I love this blog. :-) Thank you very much for doing it. [And some serious petting to KY for helping you.]

Maria said...

We weren't just along for the ride. I'm afraid we might have learned a thing or two ourselves. You turned agents into real people, at least one of them, snarky though she may be. I understand better what agents do and why. I think I even understand writers a bit better, those that are like me and those that aren't.

Here's to 2 mil, Miss Snark! Thanks for the wisdom, the courage and the laughs.

Stacia said...

We heart you, Miss Snark! Congrats on hitting a million...and counting!

Janny said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark!

"And your little dog, too!"

Like many Snarklings, I check your blog pretty much first thing in the morning--starts the day off right, yanno.

Again, congrats. I see two million in the not too distant future!


Anonymous said...

All of us who consider ourselves snarklings are enthused, encouraged and educated by your wisdom. Thanks for sharing with us, and if we in turn, give something back we're amazed and glad to do so. Congrats on the million!

Anonymous said...

Break out the gin!

I discovered this blog in Jan, and it's now a daily read for me. I have learned a lot about the business of writing, and about the view from the other side, so to speak. When an agent offered to rep me in March, I was much better armed to negotiate with her, and knew better what to expect.

This is painless learning. I've laughed, I've fumed, I've shaken my head in disbelief, but I've enjoyed it all - even the times when I locked horns with Miss Snark herself, and with a couple of her devotion.

I don't always agree with the lady, but I have learned to appreciate and respect her, and to relish her wit. Plus, she posted two of my e-questions and her responses were very helpful.

Thank you, Miss Snark, and thank you, Snarklings. It's been an enjoyable ride, and I look forward to the next million.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! And thank YOU, Miss Snark!

You've taught me more than any other "writers resource" [eyeroll] I've ever read, and you're a peach to boot. ;-) I don't comment often, but your posts always hit me. Wonderful little sledgehammers of enlightenment. ;-)

I've learned just as much from the devotion of snarklings too! I'm proud to be a devoted snarkling and feel lucky to have found this blog last July (holy cow, over a year ago!).

Thank you again, and here's to a million more!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark!

Thank you so much for this blog. I read every day, and I've learned so much about the publishing industry, thanks to you.

You're one in a million - well, make that two in a million (you and Killer Yapp)!

Unknown said...

I"ll take six figures for my latest novel . . . but thanks to you, Miss Snark, I have a realistic view of the publishing/agenting world. Your posts showing us your daily activities for a week were incredible.

I am embarrassed for my own behavior when I was young and nitwittish. Now I'm older and more wit than nit, I think, but a good snark in the face is refreshing at any age.

For all you do, this one's for you:

< image >*six-figure gin pail*

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Miss Snark. To say I've learned a lot from you is an understatement. I recommend your blog to all the aspiring writers I know, in the hope that they'll escape nitwittery in their own quests for publication.

Snark on!

Anonymous said...

You're the best, Miss Snark.

I didn't vote for "bests" because I like everything about the blog. I'm still working my way through the snarkives, and I'd like to echo those who've mentioned their addiction. I check in every day for a dose of snarkasm.

MichaelPH said...

New here...I found this blog from a Daily Kos reference, politics being my other addiction besides writing.

Thanks Miss Snark and congrats!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to be here, sharing in the experience and snarkery. :)

Now let's go for two million!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your first mil, Miss Snark! I honestly have a hard time remembering what I did online before I found this blog. Thank you for all the advice and help!

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all of the above, Miss Snark, but, um, a million is SEVEN figures.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Miss Snark! Your honesty is very much appreciated. I don't always agree with your approach, but your blog has helped me manage my expectations. It is really the only way someone outside the business can gain insight. Thanks very much.

McKoala said...

Just keep on going...the best blog anywhere for so many reasons.

Emma said...

Congratulations, Miss Snark!

Your blog has been more valuable to my writing career than the three years I spent doing a degree in Professional Writing.

It's all thanks to you that I will be educated and prepared when shopping my manuscript.

Plus, you're a damn funny writer. *grin* A day is not complete without a dose of snark.

Much gin to you, and doggie treats to KY.

*hoists glass*

Anonymous said...

Mega-gratulations on the 1 Mil, Miss S. You rock, KY rules, and we who don't lift gin in your honor will lift our favorite libation instead.

T2, confirmed Snarkoholic

Jim Oglethorpe said...

Your success is well-deserved. Or, maybe more active to say "You deserve it!" Congrats...I'm so glad I found you and the snarklings.

Anonymous said...

Well-deserved congrats, Miss Snark - long may you reign. And thanks to you I also discovered Poddy-Mouth and Evil Editor.

This blog is a treasure.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful thing, to reach so many in such a positive way. Congratulations!

Remodeling Repartee said...

Thank you, Miss Snark. I have read each and every entry (and usually the comments) and the blog is a cherished part of my daily life. Perhaps I need a new life?