Wee Queries

Here's the deal. I'm a snot nosed (26) nobody fantasy writer. My absolute number one desired agent's assistant requested three sample chapters a little less than a month ago. I sent three chapters (1, 21, 32. I know what you're thinking, but they let me. And those are three freakin' cool chapters). After two sniveling follow up emails I received this from the assistant.

Dear Mr. SnotBoogie, **

Your work is with Miss Snark at the moment. She is off on holiday for the next two weeks but we will be in touch with you on her return, if it is ok with you. She has got a lot of reading to get through - I am sorry to make you wait so long and thank you for your patience.

Best wishes,

Killer Yapp

When Killer first requested chapters, she said "we"will look at it if you send it to "us." So here's my question, should I assume that I have made some progress? Did I only make it to the mega agent because her assistant read the chapters and passed it on? And if I am at a stage beyond the initial screener, what are my odds at this point?

Not good if you keep nagging her.
The fact you sent two (and I quote here) "sniveling follow up emails" in less than a month would put you straight in the not quite right for me stack of recycling. Lay off.

Now, as to "we". We agents, and that means everyone in the office including the rubber plant speak in the royal we. It also tends to be a girl thing. (no feminist emails PLEASE--I didn't say I think it's a sign of nitwittery, it's just an observation). It doesn't mean a thing. Don't try and read "we leaves" to see where you are in the pack.

Right now you need to quit focusing on your dream agent and get cracking on more query letters. You might be surprised how fun it is to have more than one person thinking you're WEally Wonderfull.

And Killer Yapp doesn't read the slush. He guards the Rolodex.

**SnotBoogie is homage to David Simon. David Simon is a god. If you don't know his work, you are missing out on the best work in TV. (You can also get it on NetFlix)


Elektra said...

Thank goodness--I was feeling guilty about sending a "did you actually receive my partial" E-mail after 100 days or so. It's nice to know that everyone gets a little trigger-happy with the send button sometimes.

Alphabet said...

David Simon is also a wonderful man and a great teacher (well, coach - a friend of mine was working on a TV show in a distant country, and he came by and worked with them and shared insight and experience). Everything he's done has been essential viewing - his ear for dialogue and his sense of character and pace are incomparable.

Anonymous said...

This writer has too much times on her hands. And she's putting too much hope into one person.

It's a big world out there. Query another 10 or so agents and forget about it for a while.

Anonymous said...

This writer (he) has just the right amount of time on his hands. He has queried 24 other agents while also working his regular job. He is not a total idiot (only partial) and realizes that the odds of even getting an agent are slim, much less signing with one of his top three choices.

He would also appreciate it if posters would realize that they cannot glean the full depth of a situation by reading one teency weency post. He also realizes that he can be defensive and has several mental issues, none of which is he seeking professional help for.

Anonymous said...

I would be fascinated to hear if the agent decides to sign him based on chapters 1, 21, and 32.

And I want to know if I can pull that trick with book reviewers as well.

The Snot Nosed Writer said...

The snot nosed writer will be glad to tell you on his blog. That is, if you're not being sarcastic.

Book reviwers... you're too funny.