Yes, I am back, you gotta problem with that?

You're back already? Augh! :( With all due respect, I got so much done in just three days of not reading your blog. :)Hope you had a fun time in the gin pail.

Well, I can always leave again!
I spent three days immersed in The Wire on HBO on demand.
You need someone roundly cursed, shot, stabbed, arrested, or pantsed, I'm your girl.

Watching three seasons sequentially, twice, is like reading a Russian novel, or looking at a medeval tapestry. At first all you seee is the overwhelming magnitude of the thing; then you start reading/looking/watching. The second time through you start getting a true sense of the depth and artistry.

I have no idea where anyone would find 26 hours to watch it all, but it was worth it.


Sonarbabe said...

We missed you, Miss Snark! I have to admit though, I did manage to get a fair amount of writing in while you were on hiatus. Glad to hear you had a fulfilling rest.

BertGrrrl said...

Russian novel. Medieval tapestry. The Wire.

Sounds like a pitch (insert serious movie-trailer-dude voice):

"As textured as a medieval tapestry. As engrossing as a Russian novel. As absurdly expensive as HBO. . . "

Okay. Maybe it needs work . . .

Feisty said...

Welcome back, Snarky.

I accomplished nothing while you were gone (this is nothing new) except going on a job interview and unclogging a teenager's bathroom sink AND tub. I must admit that I checked a few times to see if you were kidding about going away and then I was driven further into housework by your absense. I even cooked a meal. Thank God you've found your way home. My family thinks I've lost it because I've been seen with a plunger and a spatula in my hand -- at the same time. The fear in their eyes is priceless.

And, alas, you have come back. I am completely relieved. I can park my butt in my chair and accomplish nothing.

Life is good again.

Chumplet said...

Welcome back - What, you're not going back into the tank to watch the Emmys?

Sherry Decker said...

Who took care of Killer Yap?!!

delilah said...

Dear (Missed) Miss Snark,

Just so you know: I gnawed off one of my feet while you were gone.

But don't feel badly; I'm a snarkling. So I can hop.

ikaotcsb said...

Glad to have you back. And that's the best way to watch a series - all in a row. Come to think of it, that's how I like to read a series too. :) I've never seen The Wire, but it sounds good and if they have season one on demand, I'll probably check it out.

M. G. Tarquini said...

How nice to see you again! I hope you had a good time. Kept busy while you were gone. I tatted lace, and filed my nails and arranged all the soups in my pantry in alphabetical order and--

*Throws arms around Miss Snark's ankles*

Never leave again. Do you hear me? NEVER!

*reads restraining order*

*regains composure*

Soooo...how 'bout them Yankees?

librisfb said...

Welcome back Miss Snark. Sorry to hear you were HBOing...while in line at the grocery store yesterday I was sure I had discovered where you were when I saw this headline on the cover of the current Cosmo: "I punctured his thigh with my stiletto" (brave chicks share their hysterical sex bloopers.) I thought you might have made it to Lake Como and, well, you know... Glad you're back!

Miss Snark said...

I didn't say WHERE I was HBOing now did I?

(snarkly grin)

Miss Snark said...

Lentil soup served to me by someone wearing a lace aprong...restrained.
I'm glad I'm back.

PS aprong is not a typo

xiqay said...

Glad you've returned, Miss Snark.

I'd be wary of eating food cooked by a woman with a spatula in one hand and a toilet plunger in the other. In her snark-craving madness, she might have accidentally stirred the soup with ...oops. apronged and all.

M. G. Tarquini said...

Lentil soup served to me by someone wearing a lace apron

Soooo...that's your kink?

-c- said...

I am furiously watching season 3 of The Wire on DVD (bless you Netflix) as I understand that 4 starts on Sept 10th. Not that I have HBO. But love will find a way.

Had the good fortune to see both David Simon AND Richard Price at a talk about the show, where they screened the one that Price wrote (about Cheese capping "Dawg."). I was slack-jawed through the whole talk. Two more people I want to be when i grow up.

Sarabande said...

"I have come back! I have come back!

From a pit of pimps and whores. I have raced the tortoise and the hare. Need I wash behind my ears?

I have come back! I have come back! To dance on a broken toe.

My old ass, alas, is in a sling. No broken song to sing..."

Et cetera, et cetera.

(not word-for-word from the movie, which came out almost 20 years ago and I only saw twice, but the best to my recollection...)

Anyway, glad you're back. I was going through some serious snark-withdrawal and considered mainlining bathtub gin just for a fix.

Maya said...

Three years ago, I shattered my lower left leg (had four breaks in the two bones). The leg was so unstable, I could not use crutches. I spent a month in a rehab hospital and another month in a wheelchair. It was beyond grim.

At that time "Law & Order" was playing sequentially for three hours a day (weekdays only) on some cable channel. I'd never seen the show before and watched the first three seasons in that one month in the rehab joint.

I still get cold chills when I hear commercials with the theme music and that weird little dun DUN sound they use.

McKoala said...

In some ways a dream weekend.

Cudd said...

Two words:

You rock, :)

HiltonRC said...

Welcome back! Productivity should be up, now that you're wired. :-)

I googled "aprong" but got nothing except apron misspells. Now you have me curious. I thought I had it when I came across a catalog for dog collars, but that, too, was a typo -- a prong, not aprong. I googled "lace aprong" and got Paris Hilton's Ice Cream Parlor Girl's costume (with "aprong skirt"). That emboldened me, so I googled "lace aprong sex" and got . . . Oliver Twist. The Guetenburg Project misspelled Mrs. Corney's "aprong-strings," and of course, Mr. Losberne's comment: "I only hope, for the sake of the rising male sex generally . . ." Hmm.

Speaking of The Wire, this segues nicely to a question I've pondered for some time. How much influence should television programs have on a writer? That is, if I'm writing cop mysteries, is it a good thing to use The Wire, NYPD Blue, Law & Order, etc. as models? Not everybody who watches TV reads books, although a good number of people who read books also watch TV. Just how much influence does, or should, television programs have on writers of genre novels?

-c- said...

hiltonrc, I think The Wire is pretty accurate. It's what all the drug dealers watch, anyway. Law and Order, CSI, NYPD Blue, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I've gotta get a life. First thing I did after 5 days away (our annual holiday)was prise the boys off the keyboard and search for Miss Snark only to find, horrors of horrors, you'd left. Still, I managed to catch up with the archives. Welcome back!

jude calvert-toulmin said...

Welcome back! Hope you had a nice break Miss Snark! :) Aside from work, I made a few cards with The Cat In The Hat rubber stamps, in raised embossed silver filled in with watercolour. Also, I tidied my studio. Then my partner and I went blackberry picking in the woods behind our house, and he made 6 gallons of blackberry wine. We're like The Waltons really. Without all the kids ha ha ha ha ha! :)

Chumplet said...

CSI had a great influence on my first novel. Needless to say, it's on the shelf but it helped me hone my writing skills.
Grissom's hot.

Anonymous said...

I thought it sounded like a Snarkism when I overheard this snip of a conversation at a bookstore:

"An MFA in creative writing is like getting a pilot's license to fly a magic carpet."

Hope you enjoyed your respite from the 212 and find yourself sufficiently resnarked for the coming Crapometer.

December Quinn said...

Yay! You're back!

I firmly believe the person who decided to release entire seasons of TV shows on DVD ought to be given a medal and the love of a grateful nation. I don't even bother watching TV on TV anymore (of course now I'm in the UK so can't, really, anyway). I get the shows on DVD and have a watching orgy. My husband and I watched Buffy solidly for like three months. It was bliss...

Ryan Field said...

"An MFA in creative writing is like getting a pilot's license to fly a magic carpet."

Good one, Anon!

Rita Mae Brown wrote an excellent Writer's Manuel back in the eighties that said, paraphrased: "Too much education has ruined more good writers than booze."

And, for anyone interested, this was one of the most unique writing manuels I've ever read.

The Rejected Writer said...

Miss S, if ever you want an introduction to Counselor Anthony Gray (Chris Mann), I'll be happy to arrange the meeting. He's a friend and a wonderfully nice guy.

Yes, seriously.

December Quinn said...

I have that book, Ryan. It is excellent--although a little out-of-date now. :-) Still very worthwhile, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm only guessing, but isn't an aprong the leather apron farriers wore in the olds days. And didn't farriers sometimes do tooth extraction?

Wild guess: This was poor Miss Snark's weekend to get her wisdom teeth yanked.

If that's true, I'm guessing she holed up at Grandmother Snark's and ate chicken soup.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your leg, even if back in the day. If you want to get hooked on Law & Order again, the network TNT airs a couple of episodes every evening. :-)


Dan Lewis said...

I understand. I have the distinct pleasure of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time from start to finish. I'm in the middle of season 3 now.