Add this to the list of things to quit thinking about

Dear Ms. Snark-- (no, it's not Ms. Snark)

This may seem very trite and obviously nit-picky, but what are writers if not anal?

What do you think about writers who use letterhead? In all the manuscript formatting books I have, they have the standard what-you-learned-in-high-school format for business letters, which is good, I realize. However, would it be in poor taste and/or mark me as an amateur to say, include a small, professional looking outline of a cat in the letterhead of a novel about a cat. Not something my third grade cousin would use, but something that looks decent.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, even a shot to the head with a clue gun. (especially that--so much better to be riddled by the clue gun than to walk around clue-less!)

It doesn't matter at all.
Even if you have a cat.
Not even if you have a dog.
Only if you have a photo of Mr. Clooney holding up his phone number like a jail house booking ID will I even notice.

Obsess about your writing.


Anonymous said...

I used to edit a very small magazine, and used to receive a lot of queries from people just starting out as freelance writers. Occasionally, one of them would use a special letterhead to indicate that they were A Writer, usually featuring a quill and a pot of ink. I can't imagine a better way to mark yourself out as a complete amateur.

Anonymous said...

I lay awake some nights, thinking about a sentence on page whatever. I think that I could have worded it better. I think it's a cliche. I think it sucks. I think I suck. I think I use I too much.
So on and etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous #1. Spend the time perfecting your writing, not choosing some tacky stationery. It makes editors (and probably agents) suspicious about your maturity AND your writing skills.

Emmy Ellis said...

LMAO @ Miss Snark's response.


Anonymous said...

I could recommend a very high pointy hat with some letters on the front of it. Let's see, which letters..?


That'd probably get noticed. Hope this helps.