Don't send anything anymore, ok?

I'm at 350 with another hour of work to go.

IF you sent something, and you don't get a number, FORWARD the email to my email address.
I'll take a look.
(there's a new email program up...glitches make me reach for the gin)


Bugwit Homilies said...

Wow! This is a huge undertaking. Beneath that jaded, New York exterior lies the heart of a Minnesotan. Marge Gunderson, Literary Agent.


Bulent Akman said...

I hope she runs it again soon, I lost this time (twice - both my numbers didn't make it) so better luck next time eh? I think it's great what Miss Snark is doing. I haven't even tried to get published before because the process seemed so complicated and distracting and, *&^%$# overwhelming. Miss Snark makes getting my feet wet not feel like drowning.

Feisty said...

Marge is going to be very busy tomorrow, Bugwit. Let the craporama begin!

word verification: ivcixle. What the hell is that? A cross between an icicle and an axle?