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Dear Miss Snark,

A writing colleague recommended me to his agent. His agent replied to my query that same day, saying she'd be delighted to read my manuscript, as my friend had spoken so highly of my work. I sent it immediately and she acknowledged receipt, saying she was looking forward to reading it. In these circumstances, how long would you expect it to take for me to hear back? Is it true that a "no thanks" in this case would be quick, as some of my friends have opined?

All the usual response times apply.
Your friend got you in. S/he didn't move you to the head of the workload.


Lynne W. Scanlon said...

And please don't call the colleague who recommended the book and ask him/her to make a follow-up call or send an email to the agent.

That's one of the worse parts about recommending a friend's book to an agent.

The worst part is if the manuscript gets rejected.

Lynne AKA The Wicked Witch of Publishing

M.E Ellis said...

I had this experience. He got back to me very quickly, and yes he had read what I sent as he mentioned parts of the book.

Rejected only because it wouldn't sell (too horrific for the dear public, though it's since sold with re-writes). Now, if he'd said my writing sucked, I'd have been upset. I counted his rejection as a good, encouraging one.


Pennyoz said...

It must have been blackmail, or the friend was my word verification...

an onozhjt

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a personal rec. DOES get you to the top--- especially for newer agents who are actively looking for clients.

My personal rec. got my partial read in 24 hours and my full within a week. :-). So while you shouldn't prod the agent until thenormal reponse time lapses, dont be super surprised if it happens sooner.