Is This What You See in Your Slush Pile Miss Snark?

Thank you!!! It was an awesome experience.

I have a question for the blog. Was the quality of the work sent in for the crapometer similar to what you see in your own slush pile?

The work I see in my slush pile is generally more polished because people have actually decided "I'm ready to send". From the comments, I concluded quite a few people sent stuff to the Crapometer that they knew wasn't ready. I have no problem with that. I learn a lot by reading what doesn't work.

My goal was to illustrate how I read things when they come in and I think (again from reading the comments) that y'all got a sense of that.

The goal for people submitting stuff was to get their work critiqued. I think we accomplished that too.

Two birds, one stone...ouch!


MsMolly said...

Compared to the slush I used to read when I worked at a major publisher, the crapometer entires were *great*. Our slush pile tended much more toward the twee, the egregiously terrible, and the actually insane. (Possibly because real aspiring authors were capable of reading the publisher's entry in Writer's Market and seeing that we didn't accept unagented manuscripts.)

Anonymous said...

That was a good question. I'm surprised by the answer. I expected that those working hard to improve, by reading blogs, etc. would have a higher standard of writing. (even though some weren't submission ready) Interesting.

McKoala said...

It would be really interesting to know how many of the submitters who were chosen and critiqued actually thought that they were ready to send their work to agents.

Anonymous said...

I have just finished reading the Crapometer results. This has been amazing and eye-opening. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone in Snarkville keep any stats on the crapometer entries? Of the 100 entries, how many earned (not real) requests for partials?

I started to keep track, but then I stopped.

Anonymous said...

Good question! I went back through. This may not be accurate, but by my count: 82 form rejectons, 7 definite partials, and the rest were I might keep reading or I'd read a revision.