People want me, but I'll deign to give you a shot

Dear Miss Snark,

I recently attended a reputable writers conference, attended by reputable agents and editors, and even participated in a manuscript critique (for a fee, of course; all monies donated to a not-for-profit). The well-known editor from one of the Big Three publishing houses who read my first three chapters, asked to see my novel when it's completed. Lots of compliments (sigh). Elsewhere, an editor at another Big Three house also asked to read my completed manuscript. She heard about it from a mutual friend in the business.

I realize these gentlemen have expressed interest, nothing more, or to put it in dating terms, have asked me to dinner, not proposed marriage. I'm wondering if when I begin to query, do I mention names and publishing houses of those editors, or is this so common, I'd be an obvious newbie nitwit for including it?

No. You don't mention it. Ever.
If your novel is good enough to draw this kind of early interest you'll do fine on your own.

The dating equivilent is "you should date me cause I won Miss Rabbitania last year". There is no way to say this without sounding like a self-congratulatory nitwit.


Anonymous said...

Okay. But what do you do about agents who want to know every last detail about every editor- big or pee-on- who so much as glanced as the first illuminated letter of the first word of your mss?

In this situation, there must be a way to be upfront (especially to avoid an awkward moment later on) without sounding like a braggart.

Anonymous said...

No, you don't mention it.

1) If they express interest, you should send them the work first.
2) If they reject it and you need to query someone else, you're not gonna say the Big Two rejected it; you'd sound like a nitwit.

Anonymous said...

Go get ye an Agent or you really are a newbie nitwith!