Serial Scrubbers and Other Important Questions

Remember, there is an entire blog dedicated to helping you navigate Miss Snark's blog.
It is the FAQ blog.
Here's the link

for those of you wondering about serial scrubbers, here's the post.
(thanks to the Wren)


Anonymous said...

January FIRST you were doing a crap-o-meter?!
Miss Snark, you need to get out more.
All work & no play==BAD!

Jeb said...

Holy CRAP!!! 8p

How did I miss that the first time around?

I think I'll go check my sump for stray FBI agents. (slaps head) And if I find one, I'll argue with him. Right after I open the get well cards from the serial scrubber's other victims!

Miss Snark, reading that synopsis through to the end is devotion beyond the call. I bow to your dedication.

Samuel L. Bronkowitz said...

THIS is what all the fuss about serial scrubbers is?