You can lead a horticulture

Dear Miss Snark,

Isn't it a bit redundent to say in a query letter that you are "seeking representation"?

OF COURSE I'm seeking representation, why in the heck do you think I took the time to write this letter?

Couldn't you just jump to, "I have written an amateur dective novel of 100,000 words." And go on from there? To me it just seems that you have wasted a very valuable sentence with the "I am seeking representation."

Yes. When I wrote those sentences I was dashing them off to illustrate a point about using clauses. Were I actually writing a query letter I'd have spent more than one minute on it and I'd take out the seeking part. As you know I am a minimalist and I would have pruned as much as possible. Pruning is what makes words into art. This blog is more like a wild bamboo jungle than a bonsai garden. You want the bonsai when you query.


Anonymous said...

You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her cut her rates?

Sorry couldn't resist.

Kate Thornton said...

Miss Snark, what a charming and poetic phrase! Bonsai indeed.

The bamboo jungle
or a stone in the river
Where Miss Snark presides

HawkOwl said...

When you write a cover letter for your resume, do you start with some variation on "I'm looking for a job" or do you go straight from "Dear Sir:" to "I have twenty years' experience?"

Kit said...

But the thing is, agents get letters from people who aren't aspiring novelists about topics that have nothing to do with writing. If you don't tell an agent you're seeking representation, might she not start out thinking you were the tenant downstairs complaining once again about the chinchillas she keeps in her laundry chute? Just a thought

nice anonymous said...

... But you can't make her think.

Gotta be one of the Algonquin wits.
Dorothy Parker?

Pennyoz said...

Confusion say:

Man who remove shoes leave no footprints.