ahh..now I see the "international" part

Now it's clear.

Thanks to sharp eyed Snarkling Lisa, this link from the 5th Estate blog


type, monkey, type said...

Okay, check out the bizarro message up on iilaa now.


It sort of gives me the willies.

Dave Kuzminski said...

I hope this means we won Round 1. :)

Michele said...

What's especially sad is reading the comments. Most seem to be from former clients, and many give out emails or URLs for agents to check.

As if. Don't they realize they're just setting themselves up for contact by the next scammer?

leeflower said...

...she's taken it down now, but I could have gone my entire life without seeing BB's behind.

(if it was really hers, which I have trouble believing having done the math about her age).

Anonymous said...

I agree with michelle re: the comments and the people who left their email addresses in the hopes that "real" agents would contact them.

Not to kick these folks while they're down ... I'm sorry this happened to them and would not take the fact that they were scammed by this scumbag as any reflection on their talent or the quality of their work ... but they seem to be a bit out of touch with reality.

Folks, educate yourselves! Do the hard work to research who's out there and what they represent, figure out how reputable agents really work, and follow the same submission procedures as the rest of us.

Looking for shortcuts to representation is what got them into this mess in the first place. If something seems to good to be true ....

LadyBronco said...

How old is Babs again....150? She sounded like she desperately needed some Jolt cola or something.
I also feel so very bad for the folks who got snookered. What a damn shame. I am eternally grateful I found your blog Miss Snark, before I tried Babs or anyone like her.
Bless your Snarkiness, and your Killer Yap, too!

Dave Robinson said...

It's just possible that she may not have had the right to the ILAA name. It seems that there was an ILAA (Independent Literary Agents Association) founded in 1977 that later joined the AAR.

Makes you wonder if she got a "cease and desist" doesn't it?


skybluepinkrose said...

That crossed my mind too, Dave, that she might have been trying to sound like the old ILAA without copying it exactly. The ILAA and SAR (Society of Author's Reps) combined to form the AAR.

Dana Y. T. Lin said...

Is anyone else having problems with the 5th estate link - it doesn't work for me. =(

Buffy said...

Same problem Dana.

Looks like we've missed out.

Anonymous said...

darn, AAR's taken? that would have been perfect for that pirate.

Anonymous said...


My heart truly does bleed for the people scammed. Yes, we can all say they should have done more research, but it doesn't nullify the fact this hurt them.

Imagine that you've just spent months telling anyone who would listen about your good fortune. About how you had FINALLY cracked the door at the top of the publishing stairs. Only to find some diptwit had stolen your hopes, dreams and monies.

This is exactly why blogs like this need to be. An avenue to drag in as many newbie authors as possible and enlighten them. As you can see from the comment posts for the link given, you can self-publish, but that doesn't make you knowledgable of this game of publishing when it comes to corporate entities.


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