An Audience with God

As anyone who reads this blog knows, David Simon IS a god.
Here's your chance to earn my undying envy by hanging out with him at a writers conference.

If you go, tell him Season Two was like a the perfect heroic journey, comparable to Beowulf set in Baltimore. If he never does anything else in his life to equal that, he'll still be great.

Thanks to Christine for the linkage


Chumplet said...

Well, that conference seems like every writer's dream. Just looking at the site tells me it's beyond my means. But hey, I'm overdrawn anyway.

David Simon? Unfortunately, I don't get HBO. But I've heard about The Wire.

Okay, I'm finished whining now. Back to work, turning a 65,000 word romance into a 75,00 word semi-thriller. Am I nuts?

Miss Snark said...

NetFlix is your friend.
The Wire is available on DVD. $20 a month for 3 videos at a time.
A bargain rate for hanging with the homies in Charm City.

Chumplet said...

Gah! More money? I'll keep it in mind when I get my free rental at Blockbuster.

Georgiana said...

I played a lesbian at a birthday party in the first season of the Wire and I worked on Homicide back in the day, getting lots of ribbing because the crime scene victim's bashed-in head made me sick and dizzy. Good times.

Now that I think about it the last shoot I did before I got too sick to work was on the Wire, in a really terrific scene in a courtroom listening to a fabulous speech. Gosh that was almost exactly two years ago. Fingers crossed to be able to work on it again.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I would sell my children to have the chance to attend that conference. Dennis Lehane? Sigh. . . David Simon? Double sigh. . . . Now THOSE are REAL men.

Miss Snark said...

I remember that scene vividly! It's the one when Kima talks about being a rookie. At the end of her speech Cheryl kisses her. One of Kima's lines from that speech is the quote at the top of the show.

I'm seriously past addicted to this. I need to get a damn grip.

Christine said...

I think you need to come to the conference.

Maya said...

My mother lives in St. Petersburg, and my brother is a columnist for "The St. Petersburg Times," the state's largest paper.

I *think* my brother told me that Lehane worked at a bookstore in the area while he was writing his first book.

Eckerd College is in a gorgeous location, and that time of the year is one of the best to be in Florida--along with about a million snowbirds who flock there for the winter.


Anonymous said...

"Don't even mention it" -- best line of the new season so far.

Did you know you can get the wire on HBO on demand a week early. You can watch new episodes each Monday ... before they run the next Sunday.

Christine said...

I heard David Simon speak once. He said one of his most gratifying moments was when the day after they killed S, it was all the drug dealers in Baltimore on the real police wires could talk about. Simon said he would have killed to get a tape of some of that chatter for his promos.

Georgiana said...

I totally forgot, I also worked on the Corner. What a terrific mini series that was.

(Saying I worked on the corner always sounds a little tawrdy. :-)