Backspace Conference

Hi, Miss Snark.

I’m attending the Backspace conference at The Algonquin on 11/3.

Do you have any advice from your perspective (beside NOT wearing a calico dress, for starters) to a querying newbie to make the most of the day? I’ll be sniffing every agent there (surreptitiously of course) for a faint gin scent, by the way.

Thanks very much.

Talk to everyone.
Be nice to everyone.
Expect people will be strange and don't take it personally.

Take notes.
Realize you'll hear five versions of "must do" and they all are different.

Quit sniffing for gin; Miss Snark won't be there.

Don't interrupt conversations; don't ask anyone to read your work.

The address for the Musuem of Modern Art is 11 West 53rd. Go. Art is inspiring. I love the green helicopter cause it is beautiful, fierce and practical.


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Seneca the Younger said...

Snarkie, honey, you only need one 'http:' in that link. http://www.moma.org/visit_moma

Manic Mom said...

Kim, IS THAT YOU!?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo, friends are going, I must work. It would have been fun.

ORION said...

I can emphasize listen and be friendly. You never know who is willing or able to help. I have made some amazing friends through conferences that have been enormously helpful and were instrumental in helping me find my agent. Whether you actually get to pitch to your dream agent or not- it doesn't matter - you can always place that wonderful line at the top of the query: "I had the pleasure of "meeting you- speaking with you- hearing you- at the XX conference and would like to show you my novel XXX."