Call for Entries: Writing Contest..3?

Red Letter Day writing contest!

Call for entries.

250 words max.

Entry window STARTS: 5pm EST 10/31
Entry window CLOSES: 6pm EST 10/31

Email all entries to Miss.Snark at (her address)

Send as many entries as you want.

You must include all these words:
(you can use any of their multiple meanings or invent your own)


bonuses if it comes with music and you sing it
bonus if it comes with visuals and it can be posted (ie jpg)

double bonus if the visual is a "crouching snark, hidden dragoon".

Prizes will be awarded
(you have to provide a US mailing address)

Miss Snark will determine the winner.
No whining.


Christine said...

Extra points if we use the phrase "Enter the Dragoon"?

No? Huh.

none said...

Not even a little whine? A whin? A whi?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the Halloween goodies the snarklings will dream up with this one. I am pre-emptively covering my keyboard with Saran wrap right now.

Anonymous said...

bonuses if it comes with music and you sing it


*goes in search of an arrangement with slower music.

-- The Same Friend

s.w. vaughn said...

Oh man! I'm gonna be out trick or treating!

I think I'll go as a dragoon this year. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I have got to see this.

Dave Fragments said...

I love these things. They help me focus my thoughts on a story where I have writer's cramp, uh sorry, writer's block... ... ... that's it, writer's block.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Oh, I have got to see this.

Me, too.

Anonymous said...

There's a site--Bix.com that will allow you to post a contest and see videos of all contestants and vote online. (Kind of YouTube meets American Idol.) Great for contestants with music, single, great costumes...

Would love to actually see some Snarklings in action!

Anonymous said...

I'll be in class during the open window. Oh well, at least this will be interesting to read.


Miss Snark said...

Nick, this is why Dog invented wi-fi and laptops.

Mindy Tarquini said...

Um...question. The entries are anonymous, correct? Like the cabal? So if one were to actually sing, one's name wouldn't be attached to said performance...correct?

Anonymous said...

uh-oh - I have two possibilities - can i submit twice?

Anonymous said...

So for the singing part, should we attach an audio file?

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

I sing like a goat. i'll omit the music.

Ray said...

Can't give a crisp dragoon due to the cabal known as enterprise systems that pays way more strauss than phantom retainers.

Twenty one SkiDo.

Anonymous said...

I've written my entry and it's all ready to go - but how do I send it during the window which is 3-4 am Pakistan Standard Time?! Can I get a special dispensation or do you want me to suffer for my... uh... art?

Kel-Bell said...

A writing contest? Oh how exciting!

I read your post carefully, but have a few questions:

May I send the essay on 11/1 instead of 10/31, you see my in laws are coming over for trick or treat, and I have to finish sewing joey's mermaid costume. I dont want you to think I'm not TOTALLY focused on this writing project, I am, but my mother in law can be so demanding...

Also, do I need to use the word Dragoon, or can I submit a piece I did in high school about petunias?

I have a drawing my daughter made, can I include it?

oh, and is there a prize or anything for the effort?

If I dont hear back, I'll call your office.


Anonymous said...

Is it OK if I use Crispin instead of crisp? I wand to mention Ann, Victoria, and Dave in my entry.

Anonymous said...

Miss Snark will determine the winner. No whining

Can I bleat?

JPD said...

I blinked and missed it.... story of my life, actually. JPD