Festoon the Dragoon

Crapometer last seen in Dragoon, Arizona

Any other sightings or news will be welcomed.


A Naughty Miss said...


Speaking of THINGS, did you catch the freak show on the iilaa website last night? Highlights: Something about eating filet mignon while drinking wine and whisky. "...my fabulous talent." A picture of someone's hiney with an ever so professional caption about touching and kissing.

Cuckoo cuckoo

Anonymous said...

Don’t be fooled, people!! This unabashed dragoonery, being perpetrated by one (many??) Miss Snark (“s”!!) will certainly be the downfall of civilized society. This is truly the strategery of an evil genious, willing to go to lengths, here-to-fore untold, to promulgate her (their??) agenda of literary tomfoolery, high jinx and verbal lambasting. Be warned. All is not as it seems.

Kerry said...

Ahhh...I finally understand. Barbara Bauer gave us a clue to Miss Snark's real whereabouts. She's obviously in Dragoon, Arizona, looking for new talent among the tourists checking out The Thing.

Very clever, Barbara. Very clever.

Termagant 2 said...

Would that be known as "Crouching Snark/Hidden Dragoon?"

Inquiring minds want to know why the flourishing IILAA web site is now something "I'm" working on--thought this was a group-type-effort?


Anonymous said...

*scribbles madly*

I'm working on it. Immortality takes time.

-- a Friend

Rashenbo said...

I lived near there growing up.... I saw The Thing so many times! Ah the good times. Thank you for sharing that link... it takes me back.


Maya said...

**Would that be known as 'Crouching Snark/Hidden Dragoon?'**

T2: You owe me a new keyboard.

BTW, the IILAA website has completely disappeared now. I just told a commenter on my blog that it's like Whack-A-Mole. They've been hammered down, but they'll pop up somewhere else before long--with a new name and a new scam.

sundae best said...

"A picture of someone's hiney with an ever so professional caption about touching and kissing..."

Wonder how much it cost her to have someone aim a camera at that saggy old caboose?

Man, some folks really *will* do anything for money...

BuffySquirrel said...

It doesn't have the jpg (alas?), but you can read the text of the IILAA filet mignon ramble at Truth About Writing. Should you so wish.

A Naughty Miss said...

OMG, I thought there had been something mentioned about young or youth, but I was sure I'd hallucinated it. My photographic memory was impacted by severe dubiety--not to mention the scarring of my retinas. Still, I'm disappointed in myself for not remembering such poetry as "...rolled a bum around in a vat of Viagra..."

If anyone is still considering ideas for a Halloween costume, how about dressing (undressing?) as an iilaa president. eeeek Scary.

Thanks BuffySquirrel. I was wishing I had saved the text, if only to prove to myself that what I'd seen was not a product of my imagination.

Brady Westwater said...

I see the Crapometer is avoiding Winslow Arizona after that... unfortunate... incident on the last trip.

Termagant 2 said...

Maya, I'll see you that keyboard & raise you a perfectly good mouse, which your comment on Whack-a-Mole trashed due to the lack of beverage alert, and yes, this is a run-on sentence but it's very late on Hallowe'en night and you know what happens to us Termagants when the clock strikes twelve.